Celebrities of My Tashkent musical tour Uzbek capital

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May 11, 2016

Celebrities of My Tashkent musical tour Uzbek capital


Cinema starts and singers of Uzbekistan visited famous sights of Tashkent city and presented small show at open area of Gulsaroy complex.

The tour was organized on the eve of the premiere of My Tashkent musical. Actors, singers, directors and composers, and other people, who was attracted to the musical, participated in the tour.

Among them were Fotima Rejametova, Muhammadiso Abdulhairov, Hasan and Husan Solikhovs, Jasur Mirsagatov, Matin, VIA Sharq and others.

They visited Shahidlar Hotirasi memorial complex, Minor mosque and Hazrati Imam. The show was presented at the complex Gulsaray.

The show included musical performances, draw of tickets to musical and other interesting events.

The musical will be presented at Istiqlol Palace on 13-15 May. The musical will tell about life of mahalla, love, relations, career growth and emotions and other colorful moments of life of people, living in neighborhood.