“Central Asian International Exhibition – 2017” has started at Uzexpocentre on November 15

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November 16, 2017

“Central Asian International Exhibition – 2017” has started at Uzexpocentre on November 15

“Mining World Uzbekistan – 2017”, “Machinery Central Asia – 2017”, “Trans Uzbekistan/Trans Logistica – 2017” and “CAIPS/Securika Central Asia – 2017” international exhibitions began their work within its framework.

The event was organized by the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan and the ITE group of companies in cooperation with the ministries of Foreign Trade, Defense, Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Main Fire Safety Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Central Asian International Exhibition is a good opportunity for industrial enterprises to demonstrate new technologies and services, develop mutually beneficial cooperation between domestic producers and foreign partners.

About 80 companies from such countries as Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan are taking part in the exhibitions with their products.

Nine companies on production of machinery, energy and heavy industry products are presented at the national stand of the Czech Republic, which demonstrates the consistent strengthening of profitable partnership with Czech manufacturers.

Special equipment, tendencies of development of transport and logistics services are widely presented at the XIV international exhibition “Trans Uzbekistan/Trans Logistica – 2017”.

At the current exhibition, representatives of 40 companies from 12 countries are offering a wide range of equipment for road construction, cargo transportation services by air, sea and land transport.

Such companies as “ACSC Logistics” and “Trans Torg” (Azerbaijan), “R Group” (Belarus), SIA “Inflot” (Latvia), “Ecofrigo” (Turkey), “Man Logistic Service” and “TM Trans LP” (Uzbekistan) are taking part at the exhibition for the first time. The attention of participants is attracted by services of the leader on provision of transport and logistics services and transportation of passengers in Central Asia – “Uzbekiston temir yullari” (Uzbekistan railways) joint stock company.

The Russian Automobile Plant named after Gorky, which is one of the largest manufacturers of cargo and special transport, is presenting a wide range of its products. “Transmashholding” (Russia) and “Petroleum” (Kazakhstan) on providing logistics services in the oil and gas industry, are also among permanent participants.

The IX international exhibition, dedicated to services in the field of security, safety and fire protection, united manufacturers of security, safety and fire protection.

The “CAIPS/Securika Central Asia – 2017” exhibition introduces participants with security systems in protection of state and industrial structures, manufacturing enterprises, protection of housing and private property of citizens, facilities and systems of fire prevention and natural disasters.

Presentations, “round tables”, negotiations between specialists are being held within the framework of the exhibitions.