Chairman of the Senate of Poland: targeted to expansion of inter-parliamentary relations with Uzbekistan

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July 11, 2017

Chairman of the Senate of Poland: targeted to expansion of inter-parliamentary relations with Uzbekistan


In Warsaw, representatives of our country met with Marshal (Chairman) of the Senate of the Republic of Poland Stanislav Karczewski. Negotiations were focused on deepening the cooperation between the parliaments of our countries.

The meeting was conducted with the participation of the Minister of the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers of Poland, the authorized representative of the Prime Minister for International Affairs, a member of the National Defense Commission and the Commission for Emigration and Relations with Compatriots Abroad, Senate Anna Maria Anders.

In the course of the conversation, the chairman of the upper chamber of the Polish legislature emphasized the consistent measures implemented within the framework of the Year of dialogue with the people and human interests, announced in 2017 in Uzbekistan, to improve the well-being of the people, to protect the rights of citizens through an open and stable political system based on the rule of law.

The Polish chief senator also informed that the parliamentarians of his country highly appreciate the fundamental changes being carried out in Uzbekistan to create a strong civil society.

Along with this, S.Karczewski noted the importance of deepening the links between the legislative bodies of our countries by creating a joint interparliamentary group “Uzbekistan-Poland”.

“Our deputy corps will promote the rapprochement of not only the people’s representatives, but also citizens of bоth states. In addition, we will promote the active participation of our parliamentarians in scientific and practical events in two countries in order to exchange experiences in various spheres of the life of the state and society.

In my opinion, Uzbekistan’s efforts to ensure civil peace and interethnic harmony are of great political and legal significance. Thanks to this, traditions of interethnic and interreligious friendship and cohesion are preserved in the country, and as a result of the joint residence of representatives of different nationalities and confessions, their proportional representation in all spheres of life is secured. This is becoming extremely important every day in the background of growing tensions in the world as a whole and individual countries and regions in particular.

I am well acquainted with the grandiose plans in Uzbekistan for the accelerated advancement of agriculture, industry, and the social sphere.

The policy pursued by the government in this very important period for the country positively affects the attraction of foreign investment in the economy. Large Polish companies, such as PBG, Rofaco, Petrogaz and others are observing such trends, they expressed desire to establish the cooperation with Uzbek partners.

It is gratifying that today the relations between our countries are strengthening. Noticeable growth in the number of joint ventures, the number of which has increased from 19 to 26 over the past year, and is a clear testimony in the most diverse spheres of cooperation – oil and gas, energy, mining, processing, agrarian and other industries”.

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