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May 29, 2017



The current children’s health season opens in our country from the 1st of June. There will be organized 1290 children’s camps, among them 214 stationary, 936 daytime, 140 camps of work and rest. This was reported to the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today in the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

These figures indicate that the number of children’s camps increased by 140 in relation to the previous year. During the summer, more than 294 thousand children will have rest there; this exceeds last year’s figure by more than 7 thousand. Over 52.3 billion soums are allocated for these purposes.

In accordance with the annual targeted programs, 14 camps were built and overhauled in recent years, and 36 were reconstructed. This year, on the basis of the targeted program for 2017, the Federation of Trade Unions will put into operation two new children’s health camps – the “Amudarya” in the Surkhandarya region and the “Avtomobilchi” in Khorezm.

In the Year of dialogue with the people and human interests, the attention is focused on supporting the children from socially vulnerable families. In particular, under the special care of the state – 4,5 thousand children from the Aral Sea region who will be provided with free vouchers to the camps of Jizzakh, Samarkand, Kashkadarya and Tashkent regions. Trade unions will provide free and privileged vouchers for 40 thousand children from socially vulnerable families through collective agreements and contracts, as well as 2 thousand inmates of “Mehribonlik” homes (orphanages) and the children with disabilities. 2.5 thousand mothers and children will recover the health in the sanatoriums of the trade union system. In addition, 500 children from the Navoi region will be rehabilitated by the sponsorship of the “Navoi” mining and metallurgical combinat, and 100 children from Jizzakh region will rest thanks to financial support of joint-stock company Jizzakh Battery Plant.

Innovations are introduced in the activities of labor and recreation camps for the students of secondary specialized professional institutions. For the pupils of academic lyceums, they are created in their educational institution, and for the students of colleges – at enterprises, organizations and farms. This will enable young men and women to boost their skills in their chosen professions, engage in useful work, and pass to the production practice.

Another innovation of this season is the enhancement of the activities of a number of specialized camps. This year their number will reach 218, including 15 – in the direction of intellectual development, 14 – educational and sports, 14 – ecological and biological, 14 – technical creativity, 14 – artistic creativity, 7 – social adaptation and 140 – work and leisure.

In particular, the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan will organize a camp for intellectual development in the children’s health camp “Quyoshli”. There will provided a free rest and improvement of 500 winners of the contest “Competitions of knowledge” on various school subjects. Similar camps will be organized in each region of the country.

For the meaningful organization and conduct of the summer season, efforts are made by all ministries, departments and public structures. In particular, the Ministry of Culture and Sports plans to organize the cultural and educational activities with the participation of young performers, artists and culture. They will also organize the sports and tournaments that strengthen the children’s health and the events aimed at increasing their spirituality.