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September 21, 2016

Colorful… Bright… Beautiful


Atlas Bayrami Festival will be imprinted in minds of the people for a huge number of national fabrics. It seemed they were everywhere.

This feeling came, because the most of the participants of the festival were in garments made of these fabrics, as well as the gifts and a great variety of fabrics of diverse patterns and colors for sale.

In the hands of professional designers these fabrics, including beqasam, adras, pariposhsha, banoras, harir, shoyi, kanoviz, yakruya, atlas, khonatlas, chit, olacha, kalami are turned into traditional and modern outfits. One reflected the continuation of age-old traditions and customs, others – ready to compete in the most prestigious shows of contemporary fashion. And all of this is the demand.

Designers use Uzbek national fabrics to sew modern clothes – it turns stylish and special. Those include the products of the Lali Fashion House, which is known far beyond the borders of the capital. Incidentally, this trend in the work of designers had its influence on public opinion: the majority of those attended the festival wore the costumes and dresses made of Uzbek silk fabrics.

This means that at least one of the main objectives of the event is achieved. After all, these workshops for artisans, masters, marketers and product vendors, fashion shows and competitions are especially needed to support entrepreneurs working in the classic old technologies. Formation of taste and demand in these fabrics is a sure way to preserve them.

This was discussed at the round table addressing the problems of preserving the traditional art of weaving technology.