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March 10, 2018

Committees Hearing

Committees hearing on the third national periodic report, submitted in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council, was held at the lower house of parliament.

Ensuring human rights and freedoms, legitimate human interests is the main goal of reforms aimed at creating free civil society, therefore, for today, establishing relations with international, regional and specialized organizations in this sphere is an actual issue for Uzbekistan.

In order to attract attention of the world community to the large-scale reforms implemented in Uzbekistan in the sphere of human rights, close cooperation has been established with the UN Human Rights Council. In accordance with the UN General Assembly Resolution No.60/251 of March 15, 2006, this organization serves as the main grandstand in informing the world community about how all member states execute their human rights obligations.

The Republic of Uzbekistan presented reports to the UN in 2008 and 2013. They give detailed information on observance in Uzbekistan of more than 70 international documents in the sphere of human rights. According to the UN calendar, the third national periodic report of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be considered at the 30th session of this Council, which will be held from April to May this year.