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October 3, 2016

Consulting centre – convenient and useful

economySpecial attention is being paid in the country to the development of small business and private entrepreneurship and to comprehensive support for enterprising young people. 

A decree dated 28 July 2010 “On additional measures to involve graduates of educational establishments in entrepreneurial activities” and a resolution dated 6 February 2014 of the country’s First President “On additional measures directed towards implementing the state youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan” are important programme documents in this area.

In the past academic year, 11 thousand 600 students of 46 vocational colleges in Sirdaryo Region completed education in 80 specialities.

“Five thousand graduates have been provided with permanent jobs. To date commercial banks allocated 4 billion soms worth of preferential credits for 583 graduates. 264 graduates’ business projects are being examined,” says the chief of the Sirdaryo regional directorate for secondary special education and vocational training, Nosirjon Egamberdiyev.

Consulting centres formed at citizens’ self-governing bodies play a big role in providing employment for college graduates.

“Here comprehensive help is given to young people who desire to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurs, legal experts and experienced specialists of state tax inspectorates, the financial department and the centre for helping people’s employment and social security have been assigned to the consulting centre. The main aim of the centre’s employees is to ensure people’s employment, first of all women’s and youths’ employment,” says the chairman of the “Farhod” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in the town of Shirin, Mahmudjon Mirzaholov.

On the centre’s initiative, training courses have been provided for young people desiring to set up their own businesses. There are clubs of national craftsmanship, “Young carpenter”, “Seamstresses”, “Young masters”, “Future bakers” and “The art of hairdressing” functioning in neighbourhoods. The centre pays special attention to providing legal and practical aid.

In the past period of this year, six new facilities were established with the centre’s help in order to improve the provision of consumer services and cultural services for the population. Four greenhouses were built. This made it possible to provide jobs for more than 40 graduates.