Continuous Consideration for the Development of Press

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May 15, 2014

Continuous Consideration for the Development of Press

The Committee of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis for Information and Communication Technologies has hosted a roundtable discussion to address the guarantees of state support for mass media in the conditions of market economy and priority dimensions in the perfection of legislation.

The panel discussion was organized jointly with the Public Fund to Support and Advance Independent Print Mass Media and Information Agencies of Uzbekistan. it was attended by lecturers of journalism schools of higher education institutions, journalists of print media in Ferghana, Andijan and Namangan regions.

Deputy Chairman of the lower house Committee for Information and Communication Technologies I.Abdullaev, Director of the Public Fund to Support and Advance Independent Print Mass Media and Information Agencies of Uzbekistan A.Abdullaev and others noted that a special significance is attached in our country under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to secure the rights of citizens for access to information, to ensure the information security of individuals, society and the state, as well as the steadfast reforms in the media sphere.

The Concept of Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country epitomized the dawn of a new stage in the development of this area. Wide-ranging reforms geared to the advancement of all types of mass media and to secure their dynamic engagement in the democratization of the information sphere have been marshaled in accordance with the Concept. Along with this, corresponding national legislation is being refined to meet these ends.

The presidential resolution “On Granting Additional Tax Privileges and Preferences for the Further Development of Mass Media Outlets” signed 30 December 2011 has facilitated the creation of an environment conducive for the perfection of activities of media offices, publishers, printing enterprises and press distribution organizations.

The consolidation of economic foundations of mass media constitutes an important factor in boosting the national information space and securing the freedom of speech and information. In addition, worthwhile encouragement of the work of specialists in this sphere, material and moral support for them serves for the practical provision for the independence and freedom of outlets and the further reinforcement of their responsibility.

The event participants discussed also the efforts to reform the information sphere, secure the freedom of speech and information, along with the essence and significance of bills “On Economic Foundations of the Activities of Mass Media” and “On Guarantees of State Support for Mass Media Outlets.”