Conveniences for Taxpayers

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May 24, 2016

Conveniences for Taxpayers


The State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan has held a video workshop on innovations for taxpayers. They were introduced to the opportunities of a new portal of electronic tax services –

The new portal was designed to transform the interaction between public, businesses and tax authorities into electronic form. This should enhance the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the tax system. In the portal, the electronic public services are divided into interactive and informative, there are services of ‘Sending applications’, ‘Tax Payment’, ‘Obtaining verifications’, ‘Application for registration’.

The portal offers a total of 31 electronic services, including 18 interactive and 13 information services. In addition, there is an opportunity of using 27 kinds of public information.

The ‘My Account’ service has become more comfortable for individuals and legal entities to address all issues related to the fulfillment of tax obligations by electronic form. There is now a separate version of the account for individual entrepreneurs.

The portal helps to independently calculate taxes, send statements and tax returns, as well as obtain 14 kinds of official interpretation and verifications. The users can study the lists of collection orders on accounts of enterprises, pay taxes online, obtain information on warning notifications to enterprises, and accrued insurance contributions of citizens.

The online payment system for all taxes and other mandatory payments will be available around the clock and free of charge. More than 110,000 businesses have already used this opportunity, having paid 882 billion soums of taxes and other tax payments distantly.