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March 31, 2017



The international food and agricultural exhibitions “WorldFood Uzbekistan – 2017” and “AgroWorld Uzbekistan – 2017” have started their work at Uzexpocentre.

These exhibitions were arranged jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Ministry of External Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Council of Farmers, the Uzbek food reserves association, the Ozbekoziqovqatholding holding company and the ITE Uzbekistan international exhibition company.

At the opening of the exhibitions, Sh.Teshayev, deputy minister of agriculture and water resources; and others said that the agrarian industry of Uzbekistan has great potential. Special attention being paid to the development of farming and entrepreneurship and the introduction of modern technologies in this industry expand possibilities for the export of agricultural produce.

The President’s decree dated 5 October 2016 “On additional measures to ensure the rapid development of entrepreneurial activity, comprehensively protect private ownership and qualitatively improve the business climate” helps to create a favourable investment and business climate in all the branches, including the agricultural sector and the food industry.

Uzbekistan is among the world’s top ten exporters of fruits and vegetables such as apricots, plums, grapes and cabbages. More than 180 types of fruit and vegetables, including processed fruits and vegetables, are exported to external markets. At an international trade fair that took place in 2016, many agreements were reached to export fruits and vegetables.

In the exhibitions that have opened, companies from more than 30 countries such as Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Sweden and South Korea as well as the heads and representatives of a number of countries responsible for their food industry and agriculture are participating.

The exhibitions “WorldFood Uzbekistan – 2017” and “AgroWorld Uzbekistan – 2017” incorporate all the modern areas of the food and agricultural spheres. These include foodstuffs, soft drinks, equipment for poultry farming and stock raising, agricultural machinery and technologies.

Products of enterprises of the food industry and agricultural sphere of Uzbekistan are widely displayed at the exhibitions. Among these enterprises are Feendo Ideal and Mehnat Group producing soft drinks and foodstuffs, such as confectionery, sweet biscuits, wafers and chocolates. Such enterprises as Sahovat Broiler, Toshkent Parranda, Sharq Bahodiri and Cho’ponota Prranda offer poultry products.

“At our enterprise, which has been working since the year 2003, confectionery products are produced with the use of modern technologies. Demand for more than 30 of our products is rising. We also export our products to CIS countries. About 100 people work at our enterprise, and 80 per cent of them are graduates of vocational colleges,” says Fayzulla Rakhmatullayev, director-general of the Class Food Servis LLC (Tashkent Region).

As part of the exhibitions, Farmers Day will take place with support from the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan. Participants will have an opportunity to talk to farmers and to familiarize themselves with farming development projects and new equipment and technologies for this branch of industry.

These exhibitions will help to promote Uzbek agricultural produce on the world market, to develop trade links between Uzbek agricultural producers and foreign businessmen, to attract investments and to draw up and implement forward-looking projects.