Cooperation of inventors and manufacturers gets stronger

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May 13, 2016

Cooperation of inventors and manufacturers gets stronger


For the ninth time UzExpoCenter opened its doors for the visitors of the annual Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects. During the conduction it has become an important tool for ensuring the integration of science and production. At this time there are presented about 650 new projects, 70 of which – the developments of young scientists and students.

The fair is organized by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, the Committee for the Coordination of Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Sciences of the country. An important legal basis for this event initiated by the decrees of President Islam Karimov “On measures to improve coordination and management of the development of science and technology” dated August 7, 2006 and “On additional measures to stimulate innovative projects and technologies in production” dated July 15, 2008.

President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Salikhov and others noted that under the leadership of President Islam Karimov it is attached great significance to the development of science. Thanks to this today the fair connects investment demand and supply, and facilitates direct business contacts between inventors and manufacturers. In fact, the innovative trade fair – it is intellectual property market. The participation in the exhibition opens opportunities for enterprises and organizations to get real financial support of investors to promote developments.

Farmer Kahramon Gafforov fr om Bukhara field is satisfied. He looks through the stand of Samarkand Agricultural Institute. At the fair, he came to study the new proposals for the cultivation of crops in different soil and climatic conditions.

– I am interested in the new potato variety “yarokli” – the farmer said. – It is resistant to degeneration and climatic conditions of the region and the crop can be harvested twice a year.

On a nearby bench – the development of the Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh, including the technology of cultivation of artichoke powder and manufacturing of its concentrate.

– Earth apple (artichoke) has many beneficial properties, – says the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor of biology Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh Mahmoud Nazarov. – Therefore, we have learned to grow it in the conditions of our region. Our powder is needed for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. At the fair, we plan to find partners for its industrial production.

– In the next series – the exposure of rural KOPIA Centre of the Administration for the Development of Agriculture of the Republic of Korea in Uzbekistan, created in 2009 to promote agricultural technologies level in Uzbekistan and to strengthen close ties between the two countries. Today, it is effectively cooperating with the Uzbek Scientific Production Center of Agriculture, the Uzbek Research Institute of vegetable and melon crops and potatoes, research institutes of plant cultivation of Uzbekistan, animal husbandry, poultry keeping and fish breeding.

– In conditions of Uzbekistan, we succeeded in growing Korean varieties of melons, tomatoes and other crops, – said the director of the KOPIA center in Uzbekistan Dr. Ahn Hee Sung. – Today we introduce them to our stand, as well as the technology of cultivation of green vegetables in greenhouses without heating and the production technology of high-quality high-yield vegetable crops using drip irrigation which are developed by us year-round. I hope they will find their application on a wider scale.

The exposure of NGO Institute of Materials Science “Physics-Sun” of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan enjoys in great demand among the visitors of the exhibition. This is no accident. Institute scientists developed a solar kitchen on the basis of the composite mirror-concentrator.

Technological development of our country is devoted to the development of enterprises of the Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For example, branch TSHTT JSC “Uzbektelecom” presented a system of digital access of employees to restricted areas, branch Uzmobile JSC “Uzbektelecom” demonstrates the system GPS-monitoring of mobile objects, the joint venture “Olive Telecom” – a new mobile phone, Center for Information security – protection system leaks confidential information, the Center of development and introduction of computer and information technologies Uzinfocom – first educational online radio “”.

Professionals and students of higher educational institutions also keep up. Dozens of the latest developments are presented by the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute, Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Tashkent University of Information Technologies, and many others.

– I have developed a new mobile application “”, – says the student of the 4th course of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies Shukhrat Agzamov. – This mobile application is for searching for fellow traveller and organization of joint trips. Its extensive use saves not only time and money, but will also contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and unloading roads.

This is only a part of the projects presented at the IX Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects. 130 of the total number of innovations are aimed at solving actual problems in industry and 116 – in agriculture, which are shown there. More than 130 products, new practices and leading technologies are used in health and pharmaceuticals sphere, 89 of newest software products for information technology and 34 – science and education.

An important part of the fair was the holding of the second Tashkent International Innovation Forum in order to familiarize the representatives of the real sector of economy and social sphere with new perspective ideas and projects of scientists, including of the youth. For their implementation required financial resources, industrial base that can provide the enterprise.

Another important point – the organization of various presentations, wh ere young scientists will be able to demonstrate their creative and intellectual potential. It is expected that the presentation of young designers and “Robоt Show” will cause special interest.

It should be noted that by the end of the eight previous innovation fairs more than 3.1 thousand contracts to 112.6 billion soums were made. As a result of the implementation of series production of 59 kinds of new products, 54 development of experimental samples are produced, scientific and technical services  are provided to  more than 100 organizations, companies and farms.

A distinctive feature of this year’s fair is not only the establishment of direct contacts between scientists and business executives, as it was in previous years, but also to strengthen them. Indeed, on the one hand the real economy offers the opportunity to choose the best design for the development of their own businesses, and on the other – scientists recognize their needs directly from business executives and receive orders for new projects. This in its turn promotes innovation activity of enterprises, the formation of the national high-tech market.

At the opening of IX Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan U. Rozukulov stated.