Counteraction to illegal drug trafficking in Uzbekistan

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March 8, 2018

Counteraction to illegal drug trafficking in Uzbekistan

During the reporting period law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan carried out a number of purposeful activities to identify drug trafficking channels, prevent and suppress illicit drug trafficking, and eliminate drug crops. Complex operations were carried out with the connection of forces and capabilities of interested organizations, departments, representatives of local authorities and the public.

As a result of organizational, practical and preventive measures taken, law enforcement agencies of the republic revealed 5429 (here and in the brackets there are data for the same period last year – 6646) of the facts of crimes related to drug trafficking.

During the period under review, a total of more than 1 ton of 994.1 (3 tons 542.4) kg of narcotic drugs was seized from illegal trafficking by the law enforcement agencies of the republic, which is 56% less than the same period last year. The breakdown by types of narcotic drugs is as follows.

Analysis of the illicit market of psychotropic substances in Uzbekistan shows that during the period under review there was also a definite decrease in their seizures, amounting to 2,637 (19,277) tablets of psychotropic substances.

The event involved 8,902 employees of law enforcement agencies and 4,086 representatives of hokimyats, public organizations and enterprises. In order to prevent the smuggling of drugs and transport of drugs near the border and mountain areas, as well as on the detour routes, 374 mobile posts and 348 screening groups carried out their activities.

In order to implement law enforcement measures to reduce the demand for drugs, law enforcement agencies conduct continuous work to identify people who create conditions for their use (narcotics).

In the reporting year, measures were taken to improve legislation in the field of drug treatment, improve the material and technical base of specialized medical institutions, and train the staff of narcologists.

Thus, the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan initiated the development of draft laws “On narcological assistance” and “On rendering medical assistance to persons in a state of intoxication”. The Ministry of Health in the prescribed manner has prepared these bills, which are under consideration in the Oliy Majlis.