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May 11, 2016

Criteria of Democracy 


The Committee of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis on the issues of information and communication technologies has held a seminar on the subject “Securing openness: efficient law enforcement practices”.

Deputies, representatives of ministries and departments, civil society institutions, heads of government agencies’ information services have discussed the issues related to raising the efficiency of practical implementation of the Law “On openness of activities of government organs of power and administration” adopted in 2014.

This legal act, elaborated on the basis of the Concept on further deepening democratic reforms and shaping civil society in the country has turned into a logical continuation of activities on securing freedom of speech and the right of citizens to getting information conducted during the years of independence.

The seminar participants acquainted themselves with the methods of monitoring and assessment of the activities of the organs of state power and administration and discussed the questions f efficient utilization of modern information-communication technologies for ensuring the execution of law.

It was noted that the number of government agencies’ web-sites increased as a result of adoption of a complex of measures on the development of information resources and their design improved, as well as their quality and accessibility.

Methodological recommendations have been elaborated on the efficient application of law.