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March 31, 2017



During the days of the national holiday Navruz, new social and economic facilities are being put into operation.

One of them was the pharmaceutical company Well Med Pharm in the Almazar district of the capital. It was created in partnership with Shayana Farm (India). For this purpose, $ 4.5 million was invested.

At the enterprise, built on the basis of modern standards, a high-tech production line is installed. The laboratory of physical and chemical analysis equipped with the latest technology serves as a factor of quality and safety.

Here, 10 million items will be produced per year, including hepatoprotectors, painkillers and immunity-enhancing tablets, capsules, ointments and solutions. Thus, the production of currently imported medicines of 25 titles will be localized. More than 70 young men and women will work here.

“We have been working on the Uzbek market for fifteen years,” says Tivari Ashok Kumar, general director of the Shayana Farm pharmaceutical company. “In your country, opportunities for entrepreneurship are expanding. Well Med Pharm until 2021 is exempt from the payment of a single tax. Provisions have been made for importing raw materials. Using these opportunities, we plan to enlarge production and the range of goods.”