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November 7, 2016



On November 8 – 10, Tashkent will host the Uzbekistan’s First International Fruit and Vegetable Fair. It is expected to sign sales contracts for more than 1 million tons of fresh and about 30 thousand tons of processed fruit and vegetable products.

The event will take place at the exhibition areas of Uzexpocentre. It will introduce foreign partners of Uzbekistan to unique consumer properties of domestically produced vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons.

The volumes Uzbekistan has prepared for export sales are far from being limited, given that since the beginning of the current year Uzbekistan has grown 2.3 million tons of potatoes, 8.2 million tons of vegetables, 1.5 million tons of melons, more than 1.2 million tons of grapes and 2 million tons of fruits and berries. The more so, the IFVF expects representatives of the leading foreign procurement companies from more than 40 countries.

“The Fair is a great opportunity to further strengthen the long-term stable relations with foreign procurement companies, and thereupon, increase the volumes and expand the range of export supplies of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, as well as open up new markets,” said a representative of the O’zbekozikovqatholding company.

Experts also predict that it will help to build a system of long-term stable cooperative relations between the producers of fruits and vegetables and the companies that specialize in their processing and exporting.

IFVF expositions and stands will demonstrate the economic and investment potential of the country’s fruit and vegetable industry, fresh and processed products produced by farms, agricultural companies and processing enterprises from all regions of the country.

A business program will include presentations by the largest domestic processing, catering and transport companies like O’zbekozikovqatholding , Uzagroeksport, O’zvinosanoat-holding, Uzbekistan Railways, Uzbekistan Airways, O’rta Osiyo Trans, and others.

Regional administrations will present plans on export capacity building for fruit and vegetable products in their regions, representatives of ministries and agencies will team up with foreign experts to assess the prospects for the development of horticulture in Uzbekistan in view of the global food market trends.

The organizers have scheduled several round-table discussions with foreign participants to expand direct and medium-term export supplies of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products.

As part of the Fair, the guests will be introduced to intensive gardens, fruit and vegetable processing companies, logistics centers, and refrigeration facilities.

On July 12 -16, Tashkent hosted an international fruit and vegetable fair, which resulted in the signing of 270 export contracts on fruits and vegetables for more than $2 billion. The share of vegetables amounted to 27% of export products, grapes – 25%, fruits – 20%, dried and processed products – 17,6%, legumes – 8.4 %, melons – 2%.