Demand and prices for food products are growing

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July 31, 2018

Demand and prices for food products are growing

Issues of completion of re-cropping on the areas released from grain, acceleration of work on signing contracts and payment of advance payments were considered at the meeting, held on July 31 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Today, the demand and prices for food products are growing in the world market due to the growth of number and living standards of the population. An important task in such conditions is to use all the opportunities and expand harvesting of agricultural products, saturate domestic market with food products and increase export volume. With this purpose in the current year it is planned to re-crop 680 thousand hectares of land released from grain. However, after more than a month, planting at places has not been organized properly and has not been completed. In particular, it is planned to sow 25 thousand 350 hectares of potato in the country, but to date, the plan has been fulfilled by 52 percent.
Another problem: despite the designated types and re-cropping areas, fodder crops are sown twice as many due to lack of control by sector leaders. Some sector leaders have not yet got rid of such vicious practices as postings, which do not guarantee that the information about re-cropping is reliable. For example, last year, exaggerated reports on re-cropping on the areas released from grain had a negative impact on export of fruits and vegetables. In this regard, the Attorney General must take appropriate measures against responsible managers who have violated the established requirements. Responsible persons should draw appropriate conclusions from shortcomings made in the past year, and organize systematic work on re-cropping and export of products.
Re-cropping must be completed before August 5. To do this, it is necessary to take full control over the supply of material-technical resources, timely conduction of agricultural activities, rational use of water.