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February 27, 2017


be52ed1028afbf97bcadcf87c5d0c0f2MPs heard the Oliy Majlis Ombudsman’s 2016 report at a Legislative chamber regular session. 

Previously heard by the Ecologic Movement, Ombudsman was advised by MPs on how to better meet the Action Strategy objectives in the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests.

Speaking at the session, Ombudsman Ulugbek Muhammadiev told MPs about his efforts in human rights protection, legal harmonisation, legal education, and cooperation with civil society and international organisations.

Last year was carried a host of game-changing socio-political events, including Presidential decrees on bettering appeals systems and opening Presidential receptions and governmental agencies.

Monumental in this direction were the Presidential Decrees ‘On Additional Measures for Accelerated Development of Business Activity, Comprehensive Private Property Protection and Qualitative Improvement Business Environment’ and ‘On Measures for Further Reforming of Judicial-Legal System, Strengthening Reliable Citizen Rights and Freedoms Protection Guarantees.’

These legal instruments serve to ensure state and social development, promote welfare and help citizens exercise their rights.

Great governmental transparency in its decision-making helped to fire up social initiatives and to keep people informed about Presidential reforms.

Working under the principle of “Justice in the Rule of Law,” the Ombudsman opened his Virtual Reception and a hotline (1096).

Taking active part in the law making, the Ombudsman provided control materials for parliamentary readings and governmental hearings.

Enacting the ‘Year of Healthy Mother and Child’ programme, the Ombudsman took steps to support low-income families and uphold the rights of the socially vulnerable.

As legal education is vital to upholding citizens’ rights, the Ombudsman held a number of meetings to explain democratic, judicial and legal reforms and legislative acts and socio-economic programmes.

Important was the Ombudsman’s interaction with civil society in considering appeals, involving low-income families, women, youth and the seniors in socio-economic activities.

The Ombudsman and his regional representatives took part in parliamentary and social control over an amnesty marking the Constitution’s 24th anniversary.

A member of the International Ombudsman Institute, the European Ombudsman Institute and the Asian Ombudsman Association, Ombudsman stepped up his international relations and spoke about Uzbekistan’s human rights protection at international forums.

He met Ombudsmen from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, and others.

Commenting on the report, the eco-movement MPs made suggestions on meeting objectives the President put forward in his Constitution anniversary speech on December 14.

They also set priority targets under the Action Strategy for 2017, which include firing up his Constitutional Rights and Freedoms Commission, Expert Group, and regional representatives.

MPs also advised that Ombudsman receive individuals and legal entities in removed areas and take part in Parliament’s outreach monitoring events.

Examining various views at the session, MPs approved the report and passed a corresponding resolution.