Deputies discuss housing construction in rural areas

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August 4, 2016

Deputies discuss housing construction in rural areas

A well thought-out long-term program of reforms, democratization and liberalization of our society, fundamental structural changes and modernization of the country, recognized worldwide as the “Uzbek model” of development has become a powerful foundation of modern, dynamic and steadily developing state.

As was noted by the head of our state, the construction of rural individual houses on modern, advanced model projects, integrated development of rural settlements constitute the essence and meaning of long-term state program on improving the quality of life of the rural population, which has a noble goal – to change the way of life of our people.

Over the years of independence, the appearance of our towns and villages has changed beyond recognition, the living conditions of our citizens have radically changed. The pace and scale of housing construction in all regions of the Republic is increasing annually. The total area of housing fund has increased by 1.9 times, housing per person has risen from 12.4 to 15.4 square meters.

In this context, the implementation of the Target state programme of construction of individual housing on standard projects in rural areas, initiated by the President is of great importance.

On August 3, the Committee on industry, construction and trade of Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held a round table on the theme: “Construction of modern housing in rural areas – an important factor in the growth of welfare of the population in the years of independence”.

The event was attended by deputies of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, representatives of the State Committee of architecture and construction, specialized engineering company “Kishlok qurilish invest”, “Kishlok Kurilish Bank”, ministries and departments, entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of mass media.

The deputies emphasized the fundamental importance of Country programmes for the construction of individual housing on standard projects in rural areas, which are approved by the President annually. Those programmes are first of all aimed at further improvement of the architectural and planning shape of rural settlements, raising the level and quality of life of the rural population at the expense of the expansion of the scale of construction of individual housing on standard projects, the accelerated development of rural transport and engineering communications, objects of social and market infrastructure.

Some 56500 modern and comfortable houses were built on the basis of these programmes in 2009-2015. The creation of new rural massifs led to the development of utilities: power lines, gasification, drinking water networks, internal roads and social facilities, including schools, kindergartens, rural health clinics, mini-banks, consumer service centres, shopping malls, children’s playgrounds. All those are built with regard to modern design methods.

It is also worth to note that the contractors and subcontractors entering into contracts with engineering company “Kishlok Kurilish invest” are exempt from taxes. All these measures are aimed at lowering the cost of housing for citizens. The participants noted the importance of government-granted privileges for the citizens to enter into contracts for mortgage loans according to standard designs. The mortgage loans in rural areas are provided on a long-term basis, for 15 years with 3 years grace period under 7% per annum. There is no income tax on the income of physical persons for repayment of loans, and property tax for the repayment period of the mortgage, the land is provided to the citizen as lifetime inheritable possession.

The participants also stressed that due to the favorable conditions created for foreign investors, such reputable investors like the Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Development Fund provided substantial financial support on implementing housing programs.