Development of the education system – one of the most important priorities in Uzbekistan

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January 21, 2016

Development of the education system – one of the most important priorities in Uzbekistan


“The main purpose of our reforms in the field of economy, politics is a human. That is why the matter of education, education of new generation, capable to realize the idea of national revival, will remain a matter of the state, one of the priority of its tasks”

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

As its known, providing citizens with qualitative and affordable education – a task largely determines development of society and its future. In this sense, in our country one of few in world, this sphere is not only regarded as one of the most important, key areas of public policy, but also in practice shows enormous success.


Achievements are obvious, especially in the field of training meets all modern requirements of personnel. This was not just talking with undisguised admiration foreign experts, representatives of business circles.

Undoubtedly, effective implementation of goals and objectives in this part of social policy is largely dependent on two main factors. This, above all, based on adequate funding, and strong regulatory framework, which establishes the laws of functioning of system and allocates its main vectors of development.


Talking about the legal foundation of education system, it is necessary to mark out National Program for Training of Specialists adopted in 1997 and National Program for Development of School Education approved in 2004. These basic documents have been developed through a careful analysis of domestic and international experience, and aimed at forming a new generation of professionals with the latest knowledge, high general and professional culture, creative and social activity, ability to orient himself in different situations that can pose and solve problems in the future.


In 2016, authorities allocated 14 trillion 419.3 billion soums for education from the state budget, which is 16.6% more than last year. Funds go for teachers’ salaries (at present only in the national education system contains about 390 thousand teachers), and the renovation and construction of schools, colleges, high schools, colleges, as well as equipping them with modern technical facilities. In particular, this year is planned to open 52 new facilities and renovated in 14 higher educational institutions of the country.

In addition to the state budget funds for these purposes are allocated from Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan. In 2016, 1.5 trillion soums direct scheduled for completion and construction of school buildings; and 480.7 billion of this sum will be used for construction of new schools in regions.


In addition, Fund for development of material-technical base of higher educational institutions under the Ministry of Finance will spend 355.6 billion soums on further development of necessary infrastructure.

Today nearly 10 thousand schools, 1556 schools and colleges, 70 universities have been overhauled, and work in this direction continues, as evidenced by major financial support and full attention to this area of by the state.

Over the years of independent development Uzbekistan carried out radical reformation of entire education sector, which allowed to establish an effective system of continuous training, almost unparalleled in the world.