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May 18, 2015

Diplomatic News about Uzbekistan


Diplomatic_News_UzbekistanIn Switzerland a special issue of the magazine Diplomatic News dedicated to Uzbekistan was published. Our reference: Diplomatic News is a printed edition of the diplomatic community in Geneva. Published twice a year since 2007 in French and English. The magazine highlights the significant diplomatic life in Geneva, cultural and humanitarian activities and economic nature, carried out within the framework of the diplomatic community to promote international cooperation. The publication includes illustrated material about the unique historical and cultural heritage of the Uzbek people, achievements of the country during the years of independence, trade, economic, industrial and tourism potential of our country. The publication notes that Uzbekistan – is a dynamically developing multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state in Central Asia, which is characterized by its ancient history, rich cultural traditions, hospitable, highly educated population, a wealth of natural resources. At the same time it stresses that there are processes in the country’s political and economic modernization and liberalization. Specifically referring to the democratic and institutional reforms in the country, Diplomatic News tells about the development of a bicameral parliamentary system, strengthening the role of political parties, improvement of the electoral system, the active participation of women in the political life of the country.

It is emphasized that in the period fr om December 2014 to March 2015 in Uzbekistan had a very important process of renewal of democratic institutions. On the basis of observations of the election campaign and the elections to the national parliament and the presidency, expressed the view that they were conducted in a professional manner, in a transparent and open manner, with respect for democratic principles and norms.

In addition, the release says about the priorities of economic development of Uzbekistan in the near future, in particular, the implementation of structural reforms, further reducing the state’s share in the economy, modernization and diversification of the industrial sector, developing transport and communications infrastructure, support for small and medium enterprises, promotion creating new jobs and improving work conditions.

The authors of the material have expressed confidence in the enormous potential for attracting foreign investment into the country. Creation of free and special economic zones in the cities of Navoi, Jizzakh and Angren, providing favorable conditions for doing business are called among the factors contributing to the further increase of the investment attractiveness of the country.

The magazine also noted the social orientation of the pattern of economic development of Uzbekistan, wh ere more than half of the state budget goes to support education and health systems. Special attention, according to the newspaper, deserves the initiative of our head of state who declared 2015 the “Year of attention and care for the senior generation” in the country and the adoption of the State program, which provides a comprehensive package of measures to support and encourage the elderly.