“Discovering the treasures of the Silk Road”

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May 3, 2016

“Discovering the treasures of the Silk Road”


As previously reported, on April 18-19 Tashkent hosted the fourth International Uzbek Tourism Fair (IUTF) – “World of Rest – 2016”, organized by the National Company “Uzbektourism” with the support of the World Tourism Organization (the UNWTO), the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan and other departments of the republic.

The results of this activity are reflected in an article titled “Discovering the treasures of the Silk Road”, which was posted on the website of the Shanghai International Studies University.

Informing readers about the scale of the international exhibition, electronic portal reported that the exposure is spread over an area of ​​3200 sq.m. Here the tourism potential of all regions of Uzbekistan, each of which was allotted a separate stand was presented. They attracted the attention of visitors with its brightly decorated in a traditional style, the national colors, unique and inimitable products of national applied art. In addition, their products and services offered by the company fr om Vietnam, Spain, China, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, France, Czech Republic and other countries.

The article presented a separate report portal fr om Karakalpakstan stand organized in the margins “of the World 2016 holiday”. According to the website of the university, the oldest settlement on this land belong to the Stone Age. In the lower reaches of the Amu Darya in the VII-VI centuries BC, an ancient state of Khorezm. Three kilometers from the old capital of Karakalpakstan – Khodjeyli city is a unique historical and archaeological complex Mizdakhan located on three hills.

“Here, scientists have discovered a mound of feces Gyaur, founded in the IV century BC and destroyed in the XIII century. In the eastern part Mizdakhan preserved many Zoroastrian burials. The city was a major trade and craft center of Khorezm state, through one of the northern branch of the Silk Road, as evidenced by the findings of the remains of fabric with gold thread depicting birds, cowry shells from the Indian Ocean, coral beads.

Near the Mizdakhan is well-preserved ancient cult Zoroastrian construction – Chilpik. According to recent studies, originated in ancient Khorezm Zoroastrian doctrine, Zaratushtra wrote the lines of the Avesta book, says the publication.

It is emphasized that a large number of monuments are concentrated in the region of Karakalpakstan Ellikkala, preserved its historical appearance until today. Among them, the ancient fortress Kirk-Kiz and Ayaz-Kala, Kala Ishan mausoleum mound Toprak-Kala, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Readers will learn about that in II-IV centuries Toprak-kala was the residence of Khorezm rulers.

As a result of archeological excavations were discovered the wonderful palace buildings, halls with mural paintings and clay sculptures depicting kings, dark-skinned warriors, dancing figures in masks.

“In general, Karakalpakstan considered archaeological reserve in the open air, wh ere more than 300 archaeological sites, – stated in the material. – Those traveling in Karakalpakstan will find not only exquisite natural scenery, but also the precious ruins of ancient and medieval monuments. All space between Nukus Amudarya and dotted with ancient fortress – the ruins of the different eras, the last witness the almost completely vanished civilization”.

It is reported that Karakalpak stand at IUTF 2016 were provided with detailed information about the tourism potential of the region, its history and modern development. Readers are advised to visit the Karakalpak ground to see its unique beauty. In this regard, it stresses that travel in Nukus and developed a network of hotels across the country, including family-style, is wh ere guests are served with first class service.