Dressy-Look Sporting Garment as Gift

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May 15, 2014

Dressy-Look Sporting Garment as Gift

Fashion is known to have always been change-prone. Nonetheless, what never changes in fashion is the principal requirement that women’s garment ought to be elegant and neat.

This is the case to the full extent to the traditional national Uzbek women’s costumes distinct with their inimitability and the bright Eastern flavor. Notably, the outfits are especially charming with our national fabrics, atlas and adras. Also, knitted fabrics from Uzbek manufacturers have lately been growing in popularity across the world because the contemporary consumer prefers ecological, quality and modern cloths.

And that is hardly surprising. Uzbekistan is one of the major global producers of textiles from natural crudes, cotton in particular. It is the very source that the sporting apparel for girls residing in Uzbekistan is currently being sewn. Every year the local textile enterprises produce millions of sets of sports costumes that meet world quality standards. Owing to this, the demand for sporting outfit for children, especially girls, in the domestic market has been satisfied to a full extent.

An important guide for action on this front have been the decrees of the head of our state to establish the Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports of Uzbekistan, signed 24 October 2002, and on measures to refine the activities of the Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports of Uzbekistan, inked 29 August 2004. In accordance with these documents, domestic textile enterprises launched large-scale production of sporting garments for girls, a part of which has been granted to them as gifts from the head of our state.

This year, announced in our country as the Year of the Health of the Child, the kind tradition of awarding the girls with sports outfits as gifts is going to be continued. At the initiative of President Islam Karimov, a project has been launched to elaborate and manufacture more than 100 thousand sets of stylish sporting apparel for young women. Yet this time around, the approach to the production process has changed. Girls of various age groups residing even in the remotest of areas throughout our country are to receive as gifts the dressy-look sports garments designed for particularly ceremonial events.

The batch production of adorned sporting costumes has been accompanied by extensive preparatory efforts. A specialized working group was founded from among the specialists of the Osiyo Ramzi Association of Designers, the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, the Sharq Liboslari design center, as well as the Uzbekyengilsanoat state stock company. This process engaged also representatives of major domestic specialized textile enterprises – Uztex-Chirchik, Contex, Investtex, Gul Ren Teks, Arje Fashion.

According to Khalida Kamilova, chairperson of the Osiyo Ramzi Association of Designers, specialists elaborated some 50 models of sporting apparel for girls of all age groups. 12 sets of them, sophisticated with an eye to national peculiarities, climatic and living conditions, were shortlisted for lot production. They are produced from knitting fabrics of local production with a little addition of synthetic fabrics, which improves their use qualities, secures sustainability of shape and essential sanitary-hygienic indicators.

The preparatory circle for the production of dressy-look sports garments for girls has been complete as of today. By skillfully selecting the fabrics and colors, making use of traditional ornaments and other decorative elements, the designers have been able to reflect the lifestyle, the world outlook and the character of children and teenagers of our country in the new collection. The Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports has reached a deal with the JV Uztex-Chirchik for the production of more than 100 thousand units of this knitwear.

As it was stressed by the head of department for the development of sewing-knitting production at the Uzbekyengilsanoat state stock company Kahhorbek Muydinov, the selection of the JV Uztex-Chirchik was not accidental. The enterprise boasts a high-tech fleet of equipment as well as its own physical-chemical testing laboratory. Every other material used in manufacturing apparel undergoes comprehensive oversight of quality. Thanks to the close interaction of manufacturers and designers, the final goods are distinct with the durability of color, the harmonious color gamut and the combination of national coloring and contemporary elements of European style.

The enterprise to supply the entire order to the Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports of Uzbekistan in the nearest future and the novel sporting outfit is to be granted to girls of our nation as gifts. Without any doubt, the young women are to wear it with a sense of special pride. For some, such a present from our country’s President will become a first step toward the big sports, while for some others it will constitute another stimulus to making immense sporting achievements. All this brilliantly confirms once again the care and attention the youths of the independent Uzbekistan are surrounded with, a young generation that is pretty conscious of its responsibility for the further development and prosperity of the native land.