Dunfan Daily about the successes of Uzbekistan in achieving the MDGs

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May 25, 2015

Dunfan Daily about the successes of Uzbekistan in achieving the MDGs

An electronic portal Dunfan Daily Chinese newspaper published an article “Uzbekistan made a report on the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals”.


It notes that on April 30, 2015, Tashkent hosted a presentation of the 2nd National Report on the Millennium Development Goals with the participation of representatives from ministries, international organizations, diplomatic corps, experts and civil society.

“As a joint initiative of the Uzbek government and UN agencies, the report presents an analysis and assessment of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals for the period 2000-2013. It identified key factors that contributed to the achievement of the MDGs and formulate the challenges facing the country in the coming years”, – the publication stressed.

It is noted that by signing the Millennium Declaration in 2000, Uzbekistan has pledged to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

“Socio-Economic Policy Guidelines aimed at sustainable economic growth, equitable distribution of income and the harmonious development of population, creates social consensus in society on the basis of achieving a common noble objectives of its development, – Dunfan Daily informs. – During the years 2001-2013 against the backdrop of sustainable high economic growth was able to significantly increase the level of welfare. In world practice widely used another criterion for evaluating the level of social differentiation in income – Gini index in Uzbekistan for years of independence has decreased from 0.39 to 0.296, that in terms of international standards, has been steadily growing evidence of social well-being of the population”.

It is emphasized that in Uzbekistan as an important priority of social policy has been defined maternal and child health is the key to the development of the gene pool of the nation.

“Special attention in this regard is given to measures to ensure a balanced and safe nutrition for mothers and children, the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies. To implement these programs, the share of expenditure on education in the years 2001-2013 was increased from 25.5 to 35%; health care – from 9.8 to 14.4%”, – the newspaper writes.

Chinese newspaper concludes, that having successfully completed the program of the MDGs, Uzbekistan today launched a global development agenda beyond 2015.