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May 11, 2016

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Industrial fairs and cooperation stock exchanges were held in Tashkent with the participation of enterprises of agriculture and water economy, farm product processing and production of consumer goods, as well as those of public utility services, transport, capital construction and civil engineering.

According to the directorate of International industrial fair and the cooperation stock exchange the interest to this kind of events keeps growing up with every passing year. About 530 industrial enterprises presented more than 2,500 types of output at the last branch fairs and cooperation stock exchanges, among which 62 were new types of product manufactured within the framework of localization program. Agreements for delivery of industrial cooperation output and for export were concluded to the amount of 166,4 billion soums and $49.3 million as a result of this industrial forum.

More than 700 enterprises take part in them this year. The Ministry of agriculture and water economy displayed a large exposition at the fair. It represents more than 30 enterprises which presented about 150 items of industrial output. They plan to conclude contracts amounting to 2.3 billion soums within the framework of the fair.

The enterprises of the “Uzbekyenglsanoat” (light industry) Joint Stock Company also represented widely their output at the fair. They displayed more than 50 type of new products, among them mélange yarn and cloth made of it, school uniform and sportswear. The enterprises of the light industry currently pay much attention to production localization, production of import-substitution output and development of cooperation with other sectors of economy.

The stand of the “Uzbekoziqovqat” (food industry) Holding, the enterprises of which produce meat and dairy products, canned goods, sugar and other output attract the attention of fair participants and visitors.

“More than 100 enterprises exposed more than 130 types of output, of which 30 are absolutely new one. These include dried vegetables, greens and different kinds of juices. Last year the enterprises concluded contracts to the amount of $20 million and this year we expect that this number will exceed $30 million,” says chief specialist of marketing and advertizing department of the “Uzbekoziqovqat” Holding, Jamshid Raupov.

Especially distinguished themselves the enterprises of leather and footwear industry. More than 60 manufacturers of high quality footwear, leather goods and sportswear displayed more than 400 kinds of their products. If in 2015 they concluded inner-branch and inter-branch contracts to the amount of about 2 billion soums and their export agreements exceeded $2 million, then this year the enterprises of this sphere plan to conclude agreements to the amount of 4 billion soums and $3 million.

“Within the framework of localization program our enterprises started manufacturing more than 170 new models this year” says chief specialist of the “Uzbekcharmpoyabzal” (leather and footwear) Association, Shukhrat Aliyev. “These include footwear for women and children, as well as different types of bags. Thanks to expanding the choice of our output today we can provide all branches of industry with special footwear.”

The currently on-going branch industrial fairs and cooperative stock exchanges have demonstrated the dynamic advancement of the transport industry. The “Uzbekiston temir yollari”, “Uzbekiston havo yollari” and “Uzavtoyol” have vividly demonstrated the industrial potential of their structural subdivisions.