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January 23, 2017


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Formation of a reading culture among young people has become one of the main topics of the meeting of the Complex of the Cabinet of Ministers on education and science, youth policy, culture, information systems and telecommunications, to discuss the socio-economic development in 2016.

To this end further improvement of libraries and publishers, preparations for the publication of new books were considered at the event. It was noted that today young people read less preferring the Internet and television, and along with this, book reading is necessary to preserve the values of the society and educate youth in the spirit of national and universal values.

Much attention is attached to the issues of further scope expansion of children with preschool education, increasing the quality of their training, improving the educational process through the introduction of modern educational programs at schools.

At the meeting it was highlighted a need to improve the quality of skilled specialists preparation on the professions demanded in the labor market, provide educational institutions with modern textbooks and manuals, employ graduates of secondary special schools and professional colleges, conduct specialized fairs of vacancies for the expansion of cooperation with companies and organizations with attracting potential employers.

However, there were discussed in detail the priorities for the implementation of modern teaching methods, a new generation of textbooks and teaching aids, wide establishment of cooperation with leading foreign educational institutions and radical improvement of the quality of the educational process on the basis of strengthening the material-technical base of educational and scientific-research laboratories of higher education institutions, elimination of problems in the organizational system, management and financing of research activities in the country.

The attendees minutely considered the endeavors carried out on the advancement of culture and art, as well as immediate tasks in this area, implemented measures on further improvement of the telecommunications infrastructure, creation of information systems and databases in the framework of “electronic government” system.

Additional measures were identified on the realization of the tasks outlined by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, complete provision of the execution of plans for the first quarter of 2017 by the ministries and departments in the structure of the Complex, the corresponding decisions were also made.