Education – the main foundation of development

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December 24, 2022

Education – the main foundation of development

Uzbekistan is taking bold steps toward comprehensive development. Of course, these changes are the result of a fair policy pursued by the Head of state.

The Address of the President of the country to the Oliy Majlis and the people of Uzbekistan put forward ways to solve the problems that worry our people, as well as important initiatives for the further development of the country.

As the Head of state stated, progress can be achieved only through hard and selfless work. It should be emphasized that the tasks set in the Address were formed based on the proposals of people and in accordance with the principle of “person – society – state”.

Paying attention to the proposals put forward regarding education, healthcare, and the economy, we can conclude that our citizens are not indifferent to the fate of their homeland.

It is no coincidence that based on the proposals received from citizens, 2023 was named by the Head of the state as the Year of Human Care and Quality Education – it will become a logical continuation of the reforms carried out in the name of strengthening human dignity. At the same time, the main task facing all of us is to educate the younger generation as educated, deeply and creatively thinking individuals devoted to Motherland. It is known that education is the foundation in all areas of life, therefore, in the Address, it was emphasized that we must improve the activities of teachers and mentors and create all opportunities for them.

For New Uzbekistan, the biggest investment is support for the education sector. The initiative put forward by the Head of state to enshrine the status of a teacher in the Constitution, guaranteeing the protection of his honor and dignity is very fair. Thus, to achieve the great goals set before us, we must appreciate the work of teachers – educators who are the backbone of the nation.

The need for creating equal opportunities for people to realize their potential and the necessary conditions for a decent life and reduce poverty was emphasized.

Starting next year, all our citizens will have even more opportunities to receive qualified and high-quality medical care.

A guaranteed volume of free medical care, state medical insurance will be determined by law so that the allocated funds can reach each patient. Such a system will be launched in Tashkent next year, and then gradually introduced in other regions.

A new nationwide movement “Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle” will be organized, which will start from the mahalla and will make a worthy contribution to improving the health of citizens.

In addition, to provide the population with quality medical services, another 140 family medical posts and polyclinics will be created next year, and compact medical posts will be created in 520 hard-to-reach and remote mahallas.

Along with this, the implementation of a three-year large-scale program for the protection of maternal and child health, the repair and equipping of all maternity complexes, and an increase in the number of beds by 35 percent is another practical embodiment of the principle “in the name of human dignity”.

The Address also contains opinions and judgments about shortcomings in the judicial and legal sphere, the need for creating a new system to improve the quality of fair refereeing.

The judiciary should become independent, and the courts should be the bastion of justice. It is gratifying that these tasks are consonant with the goals and objectives of the Social Democratic Party “Adolat”, which calls on all its members to work with redoubled energy.

Indeed, we are all very pleased that the Address reflects the dreams and aspirations of the people, the large-scale tasks outlined for the next year, as well as the goals and initiatives that are the foundation for the future of the country.


Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, 

Leader of the Social Democratic Party “Adolat” faction.