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May 15, 2014

Effective Stage to Step up Cooperation

Opening ceremonies of international exhibitions, “WorldFood Uzbekistan-2014” and “AgroWorld Uzbekistan-2014”, have taken place at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent.

They were attended by more than 150 companies from 22 nations like China, the Republic of Korea, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia and other countries.

The wide range of meats and dairy, marine products, vegetables and fruits, the exposition has been presented at the WorldFood Uzbekistan- 2014 exhibition by the national group of Belgian companies VLAM, Fresh from Belgium, Kipco-Damaco, Glacio and others. Rather appealing to the visitors also were stands of companies from South Korea, who displayed beverages for healthy lifestyle and biologically active additives to boost immunity.

“This is the first time that we take part in the international exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan,” says In Young-Bay, foreign sales manager of the South Korean company Sunnuts. “As soon as on the very first day of the exposition, we were able to establish contacts with partners from Uzbekistan and we intend to ink contracts. The scope of the exhibitions and the efficiency of our participation have surpasses all our expectations.”

The visitors were rather keen to get familiarized with food products, machinery for their production, reprocessing and expertise, as well as technologies for bottling and packaging beverages. In this regard, a group of German companies who participate in this event every year has demonstrated meat processing, bakery and chilling equipment.

“Our five-year experience of participation in this exhibition shows that Uzbekistan’s food industry has been advancing dynamically,” says Fedor Franz, sales manager of PETKUS Technologie Gmbh, Germany. “The tremendous potential of the Uzbek economy opens up extensive opportunities for an effective mutually advantageous cooperation. Our company specializes in grain reprocessing, and owing to our attendance of this exposition we have been able to conclude a range of contracts with Uzbek companies. We intend to keep with expanding partnership ties in this sphere.”

A traditionally extensive exposition is presented by local representatives of the food industry, including the producers of soft drinks, food products and their ingredients – Mehrigiyo, Top Star Food, Good Food Group, Carlsberg Uzbekistan, Aroma Classic, and Agro-Bravo. They have exposed a wide range of cooked meats (sausages), dairy products, and varying sorts of tea, along with confectionery – wafers, biscuits, spice cakes, chocolate candies and many other sweets. Equipment for storage and production of food products could be observed at the stands of Matimex Vostok, Kholod System Service, Engineering Solutions», Salar Baraka and others.

“The dairy products presented by us have been exported for several years to a number of foreign countries,” Avaz Ergashev, sales manager of Samarkand region-based Agro-Bravo Ltd., says. “It is greatly contributed by the exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan. We see how the scales of this occasion have been enhancing from one year to another, which is immensely instrumental in the expansion of foreign economic activity of domestic companies.”

Among the newcomers to the WorldFood Uzbekistan-2014 are the local manufacturers Anis Pro Product (producer of packaging goods), as well as Sayxun Baraka and Agro Makon Impex who specialize in the production of foods.

The international agriculture exhibition AgroWorld Uzbekistan-2014 is characterized with an enthusiastic participation of European companies, who have presented a broad selection of agricultural machinery for the pre-sowing processing of soil, planting and caring for agricultural crops, harvesting vegetables and herbage, as well as wheel tractors, compact aggregates, machinery for the collection of fodder crops.

Notably, a group of companies from Italy who have been taking part in this exhibition for the first time has displayed agricultural machines for reprocessing soil and gardening, high-tech greenhouses with plastic roofing and many others.

Given the wide-ranging efforts to introduce modern highly effective technologies for water management in the agriculture of our country, foreign and local manufacturers presented the state-of-the-art developments in this area. For instance, the affiliate Polipropilen Quvurlar under the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex revealed polypropylene pipes and fittings, as well as shut-off-and-regulating rods for drip irrigation of agricultural crops. Representatives of the Chinese company Lutian Machinery introduced a model range of pumping aggregates for the transmission of water. These irrigation technologies impressed the farmers visiting the international exhibition.

The participants specializing in poultry farming and livestock have grown in number. A lot of newcomers are among manufacturers of agricultural machines, greenhouses and plant protection substances. The Dutch company Pas Reform presented its latest innovations in incubator technologies. The German manufacturer Big Dutchman revealed a wide range of equipment and machinery for poultry farming.

“The dynamic development of agriculture in Uzbekistan and the enormous prospects of the Uzbek market deserve praise,” says Edwin Vaags, sales manager of the company Prinzen BV, the Netherlands. “In particular, taking into account the huge potential of your country in poultry farming, we have presented integrated technologies in incubation, transposition and packaging of chicken eggs. We have already received a few offers for cooperation. For instance, our produce has stirred a keen interest among representatives of farmer enterprises.”

Thus, international exhibitions WorldFood Uzbekistan-2014 and AgroWorld Uzbekistan-2014 are going to become an effective stage for talks and definition of prospects for interaction between the business circles of our country and foreign participants of sector-based expositions. They will facilitate growth in foreign investments and cutting-edge technologies for the realization of promising projects and the enhancement of the export potential of our nation.