“Effective system of education in Uzbekistan has no analogues in the world”

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February 13, 2016

“Effective system of education in Uzbekistan has no analogues in the world”


Uzbekistan’s experience in the formation and development of the education system is of great interest of the international expert community. In particular, Soka and Nagoya Universities posted articles, dedicated to the topic.

Electronic portal of Soka University emphasized that education in our country is one of the most important, key directions of the state policy that demonstrates enormous progress.

Source acquaints the readers with measures, undertaken in Uzbekistan on training, meet all modern requirements.

The article also reported that legal foundation of the education system is the National Program for Personnel Training and State National School Education Development Program. These basic documents are the result of careful analysis of domestic and international experience, and were aimed at forming a new generation of professionals with the latest knowledge.

Portal of Nagoya University, in turn, noted that Uzbekistan carried out a radical reform of the entire education sector during the years of independent development, which allowed establishing an effective system of lifelong learning, almost unparalleled in the world.

It emphasized that the effective implementation of the goals and objectives in this part of the social policy largely depends on sufficient financial support. The publication presents statistical data according to which more than 14.4 trillion. soums from the state budget are allocated for education in the current year, which is 16,6% more than last year.

The article reported that in addition to the State budget, and funds are allocated from the Fund for Reconstruction and Development, the Development Fund of the material and technical base of higher educational institutions under the Ministry of Finance. Funding is directed to the further development of the necessary infrastructure, including the completion and construction of new school buildings.