Effectively using homestead land is the basis of a prosperous life

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March 19, 2018

Effectively using homestead land is the basis of a prosperous life

President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with activities of the limited liability company “Ishtikhon tomorka khizmati” in the village of Khina in Ishtikhan district.

The Resolution of the Head of the state “On organizational measures of further development of activities of farms, dehkan farms and landowners” of October 10, 2017 serves as an important guide to action for increasing the incomes of the population and effectively using household plots.

“Ishtikhon tomorka khizmati” LLC, organized this year, is engaged in procurement and delivery of seedlings and seeds, thoroughbred cattle, maintenance of household plots, provision of services on chemical processing of plants, purchase, processing and export of grown products.

In the village of Khina, on a plot of 34.2 hectares, more than 1.2 thousand people are engaged in farming. There are a lot of dehkans who, using their homesteads effectively, along with ensuring the well-being of their families, are making a worthy contribution to the abundance of the people’s dastarkhan.

The Head of the state visited a resident of the village, Toshkuvvat Rajabov. The 71-year-old head of the family brought up 14 children as useful persons for society. Today they are working for the benefit of the country in agriculture, in the spheres of education, medicine and others, and are engaged in entrepreneurship. On his homestead, Mr.Toshkuvvat created a greenhouse in which he grows tomatoes and cucumbers. This year it is planned to receive 10 million sums of income from the greenhouse.

Presentation of such important projects as landscaping and gardening the territory of the citizens’ gathering of “Jom” makhalla of Nurabad district, repairing a kindergarten, a dehkan market, housing, reconstruction of a rural medical center was also held here.

– Products on homestead lands can be grown all year round. Every inch of the land should be involved, it is necessary to raise the population’s culture in the issues of using household plots, – said the Head of the state.