Egyptian “Shabab an-Nil”: “Uzbekistan held wide-ranging reforms to improve the work of parliament”

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July 13, 2015

Egyptian “Shabab an-Nil”: “Uzbekistan held wide-ranging reforms to improve the work of parliament”

Egyptian_ShababEgyptian socio-political newspaper “Shabab an-Nil” (Youth of Egypt) published an article on the results of the international conference in Tashkent on the theme “Effective parliamentary control – important factor of development”.

The edition acquaints the readers with the ongoing large-scale reforms in Uzbekistan aimed at increasing the role of Parliament and the improvement of its activities and strengthening the powers of the legislative and supervisory functions of representative government in the center and on the ground.

The article emphasizes that a powerful impetus to further enhance the efficiency of the parliament, representative bodies, including their supervisory powers, making the concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country.

Egyptian newspaper stresses that during the Tashkent conference heard reports of foreign experts on the place of parliamentary oversight in addressing the socio-political problems in assessing the effectiveness of legislation, the role of factions of political parties in improving its efficiency, the interaction of Parliament and the media in this regard.

The publication also contains a number of views and comments of international experts on the growing role of the parliament and political parties of Uzbekistan in the state and public construction.