Electronic information system and electronic database on 50 public services to be created in Uzbekistan

Provision of each type of public service is envisaged to be simplified on the principle “Moving documents, not citizens”, primarily due to independent receipt by authorized state bodies and other organizations of necessary documents and information from other structures. It was noted at the meeting devoted to the analysis of activities and further important tasks in the field of public services provision to the population and business entities.

Of course, this system based on modern technologies, designed to facilitate cares of the population, creates great amenities. However, the presence of some shortcomings hinders the prompt and qualitative provision of services.

Some authorized bodies have not completed full implementation of the electronic information system, interdepartmental exchange of information has not been established. Some centers are not equipped with fiber-optic networks for Internet access.

At the meeting, these problems have been critically analyzed, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications, other relevant departments were given instructions on providing creation of an electronic information system and an electronic database on 50 public services, as well as connection of all centers to the Internet via fiber-optic communication lines.

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