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September 12, 2016

Energy for the Future


On the threshold of the anniversary of independence, the domestic power industry completed the implementation of two large-scale investment projects – the launch of a new combined-cycle plant at Talimarjan TPP, and the first trial run of the power unit in the Angren TPP.

The electric power industry if often called a blood artery of the real economy. It stands to reason, since enterprises are getting increasingly automated, and manpower is replaced by robоts and in-line conveyors, which require uninterrupted energy supply. That is why any investor spotlights the availability of communications when it comes to the establishment of new capacities. Uzbekistan has long been pursuing the policy of modernization of its electric power system, accomplishing several unique projects in the short term.

On the eve of Independence Day, the Talimarjan TPP launched a new, second in a row, 450 MW combined-cycle plant (CCGT).

Previously, the plant produced 540 million kW/h of electricity per month, while the commissioning of the new plant at full capacity will bring the indicator to 1 billion kW/h. The launch of another plant, the third CCGT, is scheduled for the end of 2016. As a result, the Talimarjan TPP will annually produce additional 7.2 billion kW/h of electricity.

The consortium of South Korean companies Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Daewoo International Consortium is the project’s general contractor. Uzbekistan signed a contract for the turnkey construction of two CCGT totaling $861.7 million. The project was financed by borrowings of the Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, as well as the credit of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan.

High efficiency is the key advantage of the new combined cycle gas turbine. Its efficiency index exceeds 55%, against 37% of the index of the first power unit.

The new CCGT consumes about 220-225 grams of equivalent fuel for the production of one kilowatt-hour of electricity, which is 80-90 grams less than that of the 800 MW power plant.

The upgrade of Angren TPP is another major investment project, which is nearing completion. Late August, Uzbekenergo Company carried out the first trial run of the new power unit.

It will have a capacity of 130-150 MW with heat extraction for burning high-ash coal. The power unit is operated by the French technology, which is based on the principle of the circulating fluidized bed, and has an automated control system that meets the international parameters in technical and fire safety.

The Angren thermal power plant applied the new technology for the first in the history of power energy industry in Uzbekistan and entire Central Asia. Along with 130-150 MW of electricity, it also allows producing nearly 110 Gcal of heat.

The power unit will annually supply consumers with 840 million kW/h of electricity. Coupled with the existing TPP capacity, it should total 1.05 billion kW/h, providing an uninterrupted electricity and heat supply to industrial enterprises and people in not just Angren, but also in neighboring regions.

The environmental friendliness of the new unit is also high. It is distinguished by a modern electrostatic collector that prevents 99% of harmful emissions. Coal combustion at 850 degrees suppresses emission of nitrogen and sulfur oxides in the atmosphere very effectively. The torch fuel combustion at 1200-1400 degrees in the old unit threw 4-5 times more emissions.

Concluded with China Harbin Electric International Company Limited as the general contractor, the turnkey contract exceeded $226 million.