Enough Jobs Going Round for Graduates

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August 30, 2014

Enough Jobs Going Round for Graduates


In the academic year 2013–2014, 495.2 thousand young people have graduated from the professional colleges. More than half of them are already employed.

Professional colleges, which educate more than 90 % of school graduates, are commissioned within 3 years after graduation to help the students find jobs. The last few years have shown the effectiveness of the implemented system.

Experts from the Center of Secondary Special and Professional Education note that this year’s good level of employment is determined by the organized preparation of specialists within the ‘college-industry’ link. All of the final year students had been placed with well experienced specialists from 172 thousand industries and organizations providing internships. This was done on the basis of three sided agreements made between educational institutions, students and employers. 60% of the 253 thousand employed young specialists continued to work in the industries, where they initially undertook internships.

Experts highlight that a good support for employability was provided by the traditional job fairs. More than 20 thousand companies, providing over 150 thousand job offers, were participants of these markets.

Analytics also add that most of the graduates from the educational institutions are currently in the stage of legally soliciting their employment contracts with their entrepreneurs. Above all the specialists at the Center of Secondary Special and Professional Education state that there will be enough jobs for everyone. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Citizens in conjunction with the interested departments has completed large scale preparations. The creation of 386.7 thousand jobs will allow graduates from professional colleges to secure employment. Programs that support young people, aspiring to start their own businesses, are also being carried out.

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