Entering the markets of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to be accelerated

Agricultural machinery export is an important task. Unsatisfactory measures taken in this direction were noted at the meeting devoted to the analysis of effectiveness of the ongoing work on development of agricultural machinery and providing agrarian sector with modern machinery.

Last year, 844 units of machinery were exported for 19 million dollars. At the meeting, “Uzagrotechmash” JSC was instructed to take measures on exporting agricultural machinery for no less than $30 million in 2018, accelerating entry to the markets of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

At the meeting it was noted that the share of machine and tractor parks in the system of “Uzagroservice” JSC in the volume of mechanized services rendered in the country amounted 14 percent in 2016 and reached 26 percent in 2017, this year it is expected to reach 41 percent, which indicates a positive dynamic in this sphere. However, it is necessary not to stop on the achieved results, to further increase the volume of mechanized services, the number of branches of the joint-stock company at places for agricultural machinery services, timely delivery of spare parts through special points.

At the meeting, instructions were given on making sound proposals for increasing the share of mechanized services in the structure of concessional lending to farms.

Instructions were also given on improving the settlement system for services of machine and tractor parks, development of a normative legal act on establishment of fixed prices on each area of mechanized services, timely resolution of current issues important for accelerated development of the industry, uninterrupted provision of farmers with modern machinery and aggregates.

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