Enterprise’s export potential rising

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November 30, 2017

Enterprise’s export potential rising

The Namangan Momiq Sochiqlari LLC in the town of Namangan produces high quality towels and soft clothes for adults and children. Customers like these products.

This enterprise started work in the year 2009. It has become a leading exporter not only in the region but also in the country. In the year 2016, the enterprise exported 5.8 m dollars worth of products.

“In our country, entrepreneurial activity is being supported comprehensively, and especially broad possibilities are being created for the development of the light industry. These are important factors for the development of our enterprise. We are making effective use of tax privileges granted to exporter enterprises. Our product for export should be worthy of the tag “made in Uzbekistan” and should further raise our country’s prestige abroad. As a result of modernization, additional jobs were created. In the year 2014, 62 people were working at our enterprise. Now their number has reached 280. Nearly 100 of the workers are vocational college graduates,” says Gh. Bobohonov, the manager of the Namangan Momiq Sochiqlari LLC.

Today’s pace of development requires of the entrepreneur foresight and ability to draw up a business project good enough for increasingly stiff competition. Entrepreneur Gh.Bobohonov did market research and studied the work experience of developed enterprises working specifically in this area. The enterprise installed the most modern production equipment produced in Turkey and European countries. Then it started producing soft towels made of 100 per cent cotton. It uses local raw materials.

Measures were taken to develop production operations. This was of important significance to expanding its product range. Now more than 350 types of products are made there. 90 per cent of these are exported to Russia and European countries.