Ethics and Enlightenment Originate in the Family

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May 25, 2014

Ethics and Enlightenment Originate in the Family

A conference organized by the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan on May 24 at the Palace of Youth Creativity in Tashkent enquired into the theme that ethics and enlightenment start in the family.


The forum was spearheaded as part of the implementation efforts of the State Program “The Year of the Healthy Child” and in tribute to the 10th anniversary of the presidential decree “On Additional Measures to Support the Activities of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan”. The conference was attended by senators, lower house deputies, officials of ministries, other government agencies and social organizations, activists of the Women’s Committee, advisers for religious enlightenment and spiritual-ethical education, laureates of the Zulfiya State Prize.

It was noted at the occasion that was led by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the country E.Basitkhanova that special significance has been attached in the independence years in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to boosting the role and status of women in the society, securing their rights and interests, uplifting their socio-political and socio-economic activity, bolstering their intellectual and spiritual potential, creating an environment essential for enhancing their involvement in the modernization and revitalization of all walks of life.


The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the approximately eighty decrees and resolutions and state programs of social significance approved in the country serve as an important normative foundation for elevating the standing of women in the family and society, and for protecting the institution of family, motherhood and childhood.

The decree of the head of our state “On Additional Measures to Support the Activities of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan” signed 25 May 2004 has served as an essential guide for action in lifting the efforts directed at the social security of women to a qualitatively new level and boosting their health.

Speaking at the conference, Director of the Independent Institute for Monitoring the Formation of Civil Society E.Salikhov, Chairperson of the Federation Council of Uzbekistan’s Trade Unions T.Norboeva, director of a general school no.5 in Gurlan district of Khorezm region – the Hero of Uzbekistan A.Mahmudova, adviser for religious enlightenment and spiritual-ethical education of the citizens’ assembly of Buston mahalla in Tashkent’s Shaykhantaur district F.Otamatova and others noted that the consistent implementation of tasks envisaged in President Islam Karimov’s decree helped uplift the endeavors dedicated to boosting the socio-political activeness of women, to further reinforce their role in the parliament, government and management bodies, citizens’ self-government bodies, political parties, to promote healthy lifestyle in the society, and nurture a sound and comprehensively advanced generation.


An important objective in the State Program “Year of the Healthy Child” is assigned to the realization of measures aimed at the consolidation of the atmosphere of mutual respect and love, high spiritual-ethical values in the family.

The conference participants went into detail in discussing the works undertaken in the past years in accordance with the decree of the President of the country, and the progress being made in the execution of tasks envisioned in the State Program “Year of the Healthy Child”. They exchanged views on the definition of prospective tasks in such directions as the further elevation of socio-political activity of women, protection of maternity and childhood, coordination of activities of nongovernmental nonprofit organizations.

A fair entitled “Uzbek Woman Is Entrepreneur and Creative Person” was organized within the event.