Ethnosport Festival invites the youth of the world to Khiva

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September 6, 2023

Ethnosport Festival invites the youth of the world to Khiva

The Ichan Kala Complex in Khiva will host the First International Ethnosport Festival on September 7-10 this year.

According to the leading specialist of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan Fakhriddin Abdukarimov, 1,884 athletes from 63 countries are expected to participate in the festival. Of these, 928 are from foreign countries, 956 are local representatives.

During the events, together with the World Ethnosport Confederation, a forum will be held to develop and further popularize the types of ethnosport, a competition of cooks for cooking pilaf who arrived from the regions of the country, a melon festival, exhibitions of handicraft products and artworks demonstrating the national customs and culture of Uzbekistan people.

This festival is unique in that large-scale work will be carried out to organize world championships in 3 sports areas within its framework. In particular, the world championship in weightlifting and Games of heroes will bring together representatives from 27 countries. Representatives of 16 countries will compete in the world championship in the art of Uzbek kurash.

Representatives of 22 countries will wrestle at the world championship in mas-wrestling, and competitions between athletes from 9 countries will be held at the international belt wrestling tournament. In addition, demonstration performances in kurash, triathlon, equestrian sports, and archery will be demonstrated within the framework of the festival.

The festival also includes events within the framework of 12 national folk games.

Source: UzA