Euronews continues its story about Khiva

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January 22, 2016

Euronews continues its story about Khiva


This week, Europe’s leading news channel Euronews continued a series of programs Postcards from Uzbekistan. From 18th to 24th of January telecast, which is devoted to one of the major historical and tourist attractions of the city of Khiva – Tash Hovli palace, was aired.

As we wrote earlier, the program Postcards is a collection of short stories dealing with the sights of Uzbekistan, specific aspects of the national cultural heritage.

In the previous edition TV audience acquainted with minarets of Khiva. This time pushing the boundaries of city tours, open-air museum, Euronews correspondent Seamus Kearney presents European audience palace built in 1830s.

The journalist notes that in finishing Tash Hovli – one of the most beautiful buildings in Khiva – used wood, stone, marble and ceramics. This historic monument is a labyrinth with more than 150 rooms and courtyards.

According to the telecast, the ancient city itself is very rich in historical monuments – there are more than 50, and, walking through its picturesque streets and alleys, it is impossible not to admire them. The special atmosphere and flavor are added performances by local artists who silently tolerate foreign visitors to the ancient eastern tale.

In the coming weeks Euronews viewers expect new reports from the cycle “Postcards from Uzbekistan”, the historical and architectural sights of other cities of the republic.

Report about palace Tash Hovli can be seen on the air according to the following schedule: