European Parliament deputies on the international conference in Tashkent

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April 11, 2016

European Parliament deputies on the international conference in Tashkent


As previously reported, Tashkent hosted an international conference “Mechanisms for enhancing the effectiveness of enforcement of laws: national and international experience”. Along with members of the Senate and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, representatives of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, international organizations and NGOs, members of the European Parliament took part in it, as well as experts from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Latvia and Slovenia.

A number of foreign experts gave an interview to Jahon Information Agency on their return, in which they have shared their assessments of the event outcome and our country’s overall development at the present stage.

Iveta Grigule, Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Central Asia and Mongolia:

– Uzbekistan is developing rapidly – she said. It seems that it will be a leader not only in the region but also surpass the level of development of some European countries in a couple of years. I think that it will be interesting and useful for the EU to study the republic’s experience in achievement social and economic growth high levels, ensuring social and political stability and development of civil society institutions.

In this context, I am particularly impressed by the citizens self-governing institutions “mahallya”, which carefully and deeply delves into the problems of the population and families, promotes successful development of society. I believe that Latvia could learn from the experience of Uzbekistan in the area.

We also welcome Uzbekistan’s efforts to develop its tourism potential, which is sure to become one of the foundations for further economic prosperity of the republic.

We appreciate the long-standing and established close ties between the two countries, which are characterized by fruitful and effective cooperation bоth in political, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres.

The development of economic relations between our countries has great potential and is important for bоth sides to promote their further advancement. In this context, the participation of our countries’ business circles and delegations in international exhibitions held in Latvia and Uzbekistan is productive.

Andrew Mamykin, Member of the European Parliament:

– I am grateful to the Uzbek side for the opportunity to participate in the international conference, which was well organized and raised very important issues.

Of course, the event was relevant. Its results are of practical importance and should be reflected in improved understanding of the responsibilities and the laws implementation’s effectiveness by the executive.

We have conducted open and productive discussions with the leadership of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic, during which we have received useful information on the results of comprehensive reforms in Uzbekistan, set goals and objectives to the parliament.

The republic’s role in ensuring security and stability in the region is undeniable. Its contribution to Afghanistan’s socio-economic development, especially the country’s infrastructure construction in our days is invaluable.

I would like to adopt the Uzbek side’s practice in monitoring security in public places, institutions and infrastructure facilities. The issue has been particularly relevant after the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels.

It is evident that much is done in the country. People are optimistic about the future and believe in themselves. It is noticeable that the state pays great attention to the development of education. Many state employees have received additional education abroad, and this is reflected in their outlook and desire to embody in their work studied the best international experience.

Jahon Information Agency, Riga