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February 27, 2017



The 8 February 2017 decree of the head of our state on the improvement of distribution system for legislation acts has been an important step towards the establishment of an effective mechanism for bringing the new laws, decrees and decisions to the public notice.

This mechanism is one of the important conditions for enhancing the legal awareness of citizens, the rule of law in society.

This was discussed at the Tashkent conference “Actual problems on radical improvement of the distribution system for the legislation acts”. The event organized by the Ministry of Justice, was attended by deputies, officials of state bodies, scientists.

“To put the newly adopted laws into effectively “work”, it is important to quickly explain their contents to the performers and public,” the chairman of the Committee for Democratic Institutions and Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, Akmal Saidov, said. “The resolution signed by the head of state serves this purpose.”

The lack of a single distribution system and promotion of legislation acts led to some problems to date. Taking into consideration of this, the Decree defines the tasks to radically improve the distribution system of normative legal acts, the development of fundamentally new approaches to the organization of work in this field.

Henceforth, in the text of the draft laws submitted to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis there shall be indicated the specific public bodies which are responsible for the organization of execution, bringing to the performers and an explanation of their essence and importance to the public, and after the signing of the document it will be approved an action plan for this work.

At the same time, the practice for the dissemination of legal acts together with information and analytical materials will be implemented. To this end, the scheme for the distribution of legislative acts will be approved which describes in detail the procedure and terms of dissemination of them. The Ministry of Justice was entrusted with the task of the placement of texts with information and analytical materials. It is defined by the authorized body carrying out the coordination, guidance and control over the activities of state bodies and organizations for the dissemination of normative legal acts.

The Ministry of Justice was also entrusted with the task on developing priority directions of further elaboration of judicial expert activities, coordination of work in the field of preparation and advanced training of forensic experts.

The updated membership of the Interagency Council on the coordination of the work of state bodies on legal advocacy and education has been approved, the activity of territorial commissions of the Council is established.