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June 22, 2017



The children from Uzbekistan won the first gold award at the Olympics on mental arithmetic and got the right to trip to the next Olympiad to Antalya.

When the account in the mind is faster than the calculator, it is called as a mental arithmetic. In a short time this subject became very popular in Uzbekistan. Exactly one year ago, right after the launch of the program on this subject, the students of the “Genius Lab” training center for the first time ventured to participate in the international Olympiad in Bishkek and did not get two points for reaching the final. However this was the first victory for children and was a convincing motivation not to dwell on what has been achieved.

In February 2017, the first Olympiad was conducted in Tashkent among several training centers – partners of the Genius Lab and the first winners were revealed. A huge contribution in this direction was made by the teachers of the training centers Nargiza Atayeva, Shoira Saidova, Shahlo Nasirova and others.

And the results did not take long to appear. At the beginning of June 2017, the Olympic Games took place in the capital of Kyrgyzstan among the 200 fastest, cleverest and smartest finalists aged 4 years and over, in which the delegation of Uzbekistan from the “Genius Lab” took part. This time, four children from our country reached the finals who took the places from the first to the fourth in different age categories.

Unique is the fact that the coach of our team is only 16 years old – she studies at the academic lyceum # 2 at the Uzbek State University of World Languages. Sevara Mehriddinova after classes in the evenings coached the team and constantly persuaded talented guys that they could win.

In the most complicated category, Zuhriddin Fakhriddinov (14 years old) won the first place, the brothers Muhammadamin (12 years) and Abduqodir (9 years) Normuhammedovs – the second and third places, and Risolat Mutalova (8 years) took the fourth place. They obtained tickets not only to the international Olympiad in Turkey, but also to rest in the summer camp at Issyk-Kul together with their parents.