Exhibition of new hybrid varieties of vegetables opens in Tashkent region

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July 11, 2017

Exhibition of new hybrid varieties of vegetables opens in Tashkent region


The farmers of Uzbekistan enjoy all necessary conditions for their fruitful activity. Due to this, today they are the leading force in the agricultural sector. They provide great efficiency in the production of agricultural products. High yielding varieties contribute not only to increase the income of farmers but also ensure abundance in the markets. The farmers of Tashkent region participated in an open field exhibition of new fertile varieties. The event was held on the territory of LLC “Nikhol Zamin” in Nazarbek district of Tashkent region.

From early morning the farmers of the region were able to get acquainted with hybrid varieties of vegetables, provided by the largest in the world Dutch seed company “Nunhems”. Today this company supplies to major vegetable-growing territories over 2,500 hybrid varieties. These varieties are adapted to our country. Each of these varieties has its own peculiarity. For example, Menhir F1 tomatoes are designed to grow in greenhouses and open field in early spring and summer. The fruit has a round-impaction form and can be stored for a long time. Magnum F1 cucumbers are considered as a  hybrid of autumn, winter and early spring varieties.

The appearance of Nantes carrot varieties also drew attention. According to specialists, all these vegetables are very tasty, as they are grown in Uzbekistan.

According to specialists of LLC “Nikhol Zamin”, vegetables grown in Uzbekistan are exported abroad with the taste of Uzbekistan. One more information: as of 2016, LLC “Nikhol Zamin” started the production of watermelon seeds under the brand of Uzbekistan.