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November 10, 2015

Expanded localization, strengthened cooperation

IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange completed its work in the Expocentre in Tashkent.

It was attended by about 2,000 local enterprises and companies of which more than 1000 – small businesses and private entrepreneurship. They exposed to more than 20 thousand items.

The traditional forum of industrialists of Uzbekistan was carried out in the framework of implementation of tasks set by the President Islam Karimov to build a modern, diversified and competitive economy through active continuation of structural reforms, modernization, technical and technological renewal of the most important industries, accelerate the development of industrial and social infrastructure, especially in rural areas, and full support for domestic producers, small businesses and private entrepreneurship.

At present the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange clearly demonstrated great potential and opportunities of the basic industries, the production of new items. Leading enterprises of the industrial complex exhibited their products at the manufacturing sector. Enterprise areas such as utilities, transport, capital construction and building industry, mechanical engineering, standardization of production, geology, chemical, electrical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, agriculture, water management, health and social protection, information systems and telecommunications were widely represented.

IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange covered more than 1,300 representatives of companies from 50 countries, including Germany, Italy, India, UK, South Korea, China, Russia, Turkey and others.

The stands of companies and organizations acquainted with the products that are currently imported, offered to the development of localized products based on the use of local raw materials, technical and technological modernization of leading branches of industry and the development of cooperative ties.

Thus, the company “Toshshahartransxizmat”, including “Toshavtobustrans”, «Mercedes-Benz», “Toshelektrotrans”, “Tashkent subway”, “TRANSSNAB», «Amorant» and others, presented spare parts and supplies more than 150 items, special equipment for the repair of buses, produced a catalog of spare parts, a wide range of services for passengers, preparation of drivers for different categories, the implementation of monthly travel cards, dispatching management of passenger transport.

According to the “Toshshahartransxizmat” participation in the industrial forum creates opportunities for effective cooperation with related industries. For example, 24 contracts for more than 181 billion Uzbek soums were signed on a sectoral industrial fair and cooperation exchange of companies. Their main part came in the “Toshavtotamirxizmat” and other subordinate enterprises of the company.

Uzbek-German joint venture «JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan» actively participated in the forum, which produces trucks and special equipment. If before our specialists primarily purchased equipment abroad, but now most of them is produced at the plant «MAN» in Samarkand. Also, the plant mastered the production of tankers and other special equipment for civil aviation of Uzbekistan.

Forum participants also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities built in 2011 in Samarkand plant «UzAuto Trailer», which became the finishing touch in the creation of the complex for the production and maintenance of heavy trucks «MAN» in Uzbekistan. The main task of the company – the release of mounted and trailed equipment bodies and semi-trailers, container trucks, car carriers, semi-trailers and etc. The design capacity of the plant is planned for 3000 units: 2000 and 1000 semi-mounted equipments, also plans to release a wide range of automotive equipment for various sectors of the country, including tippers, trailers, containers, awning, Isothermal trailers and vans.

In addition, the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange widely presented the potential of small businesses. After all, experience has shown that a small business is able to provide high production figures for the production and supply of the most popular and high-quality products.

For example, Samarkand Scientific-Production Enterprise “Marakand – MSM” offers products for the oil and gas industry and utilities. The company under the localization program, arranged production sensors for the detection of combustible gas leakage. They had signed contracts for the supply of the largest refineries during the forum.  «Uzsalaman» made lucrative contracts at the end of the event. Among the customers were “Shurtanneftegaz”, “Ferghanaazot”, “Maxam-Chirchik”.

As the representatives of the joint venture «Uzsalaman», a regular customer of the company is JSC “Maxam-Chirchik”. Every year, it concluded contracts for the supply of 600 million Uzbek soums. This year a contract for the supply of 40 thousand pairs of winter shoes for the employees of the Interior Ministry. As part of this year’s fair it was agreed to buy the natural raw materials from local producers for 2 billion soums. This is a clear confirmation of the strengthening and expansion of cooperation ties of the enterprise.

It is important to emphasize that the forum also conducted 70 presentations of centralized industries and enterprises, which have been shown their technical and technological capabilities. Great interest was the presentation of each region of our country. They contributed to the establishment of new and expansion of existing relations between producers and consumers. There were signed contracts for the supply and purchase of materials, components and finished products for industrial purposes. It should be noted that the purchase of products, recycled raw materials was carried out for all domestic consumers on the basis of direct contracts without further tendering.

Online consultation of experts of ministries and departments, customs and tax committees in our country, banks, insurance companies and others were presented for the participants. Attendees and visitors of fairs and exchanges, in turn, were able to assess the needs of related industries, and on this basis to develop a portfolio of orders for the products supply, including for export.

Results of IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, the highest results of territorial and sectoral industrial fairs indicate that the cooperative ties of domestic enterprises have been strengthening and enriching with new content every year.