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May 26, 2017



The regular meeting of the International Press Club World passed under the title “Recognition of Uzbek textiles” on May 24. The adviser of the chairman of the board of “Uzbekengilsanoat” JSC Rasul Sadykov, the chairman of the Association of Designers of Uzbekistan “Osiyo Ramzi” Khalida Kamilova and the director of “Istiklol Textile Design” Baktiyor Umarov were the speakers. Representatives of Uzbekengilsanoat JSC, “Uzbek Ipagi” Association, textile companies, experts, members of the IPC Public Council, domestic and international media accredited in Uzbekistan also took part in the meeting.

At this stage of development, Uzbekistan’s light industry is the most important multi-sectoral, investment and innovation-attractive sector of the economy. It contributes to obtaining effective results from large-scale production of economically viable and environmentally friendly goods, import substitution, and to increase the country’s export potential. In addition, the light industry plays a significant role in solving state tasks to improve the demographic situation and meets important interests of many regions, not only in the city but also in remote agricultural or mountainous regions. The industry contributes to harmonious development of the territories of Uzbekistan, ensuring employment of the population and improving its well-being, helps in the formation and development of small businesses.

Among the tasks defined in the Action Strategy for five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, special attention is paid to increasing the country’s export potential, increasing volumes and expanding the range of products supplied to international markets with high added value. For this purpose, emphasis will be placed on deep processing of raw materials, which will allow the industry to be transferred to a qualitatively new level. In 2017, 15 projects are planned to be implemented for $ 178 million for production of finished textile and sewing-knitting products.

The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sh. M. Mirziyoyev dated December 21, 2016 “On the Program of Measures for Further Development of Textile and Clothing and Knitting Industries for 2017-2019” should also be mentioned. In accordance with an important program document, 132 investment projects are planned to be implemented till 2020, 50% of which will be financed through foreign investments and credits. The total cost of projects will be about $ 2.2 billion.

According to the program, 112 modern, high-tech productions will be created, expansion, modernization and technological re-equipment of 20 active capacities will continue. All this will increase the export potential of the industry to $ 2.5 billion a year and create more than 25 thousand jobs.

An important factor in development of the textile industry is participation of local producers in international exhibitions, as well as organization of national fairs. It allows establishing cooperation with foreign partners, as well as concluding beneficial deals. So, in 2016, participation in 21 exhibitions allowed to sign contracts worth more than $ 1 billion. This year it is planned to ensure the participation of Uzbek entrepreneurs in the work of 26 international exhibitions, as well as hold annual exhibitions and fairs in Uzbekistan.

In 2016, the enterprises of Uzbekengilsanoat joint-stock company, which is the largest textile company, exported goods worth $1.146 billion to 60 countries. The volume of investments, mastered by 460 enterprises included in “Uzbekengilsanoat”, exceeded $ 2.5 billion, more than 200 enterprises with participation of foreign investors have been established. Export growth will also contribute to the planned increase in the number of trading houses of “Uzbekengilsanoat” JSC abroad to 49.

Along with the textile industry, it is important to strengthen development and support for bоth young and professional designers. The fashion industry is a sector of the economy that shapes consumers’ image of “fashionable” products, is engaged in its production, promotion and sale. To date, the fashion industry in Uzbekistan is a young and dynamically developing industry.

Annually such important large-scale events are organized as Tashkent Fashion Week and “Bolazhonlar-Shirintoylar” – a show of designer children’s clothes. “Bolazhonlar-Shirintoylar” is a unique project that has no analogues in the world, and a colorful holiday, preparation for which is conducted throughout the year. Within the framework of the Festival more than 450 sets of clothes will be presented. Selection of collections of clothes for the Festival was conducted in three stages. As a result of the selection, 42 collections of 60 designers in a single ensemble with the necessary accessories were admitted to the show. About 200 children aged 2.5 to 13 are involved in the show. Young models of creative studios “Tantan”, “Fashion Lab”, as well as students of Art Bureau “Kolibri” and the school “Oltin Kanot” are preparing to perform for demonstration of collections designed specifically for each group.

The Uzbek national fashion is also constantly represented by leading professional designers of Uzbekistan at foreign shows. Participants of professional events always express their admiration not only for unique color and original beauty of fabrics made by craftsmen of Uzbekistan but also for exclusive professional work of the designers themselves.

As the constant guest and partner of the Tashkent Fashion Week, honorary chairman of the National Chamber of Fashion of Italy, Mr. Mario Boselli said Uzbek fabrics in quality are in no way inferior to Italian ones, which speaks about the huge potential of Uzbekistan in this area. Holding of such events, participation in foreign shows and exhibitions help to strengthen and further promote “Made in Uzbekistan” brand, which has all chances to become one of the largest and dynamically developing in the Central Asian region.