FEC NEWS: Uzbekistan has created favorable conditions for civil society institutions

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January 19, 2016

FEC NEWS: Uzbekistan has created favorable conditions for civil society institutions


Uzbekistan confidently follows the path of democratization and liberalization of all spheres of public life and building a strong civil society, they are highly valued in the world. The articles, published in reputable media abroad, are an indication of the process.

In particular, FEC NEWS monthly Japanese newspaper, posted detailed editorial article in its January issue on the experience of our country in the field.

The paper presented Uzbekistan as a country with the wide-ranging reforms, aimed at full support of civil society, strengthening their role and importance in the management of state affairs, are conducted. It separately noted the effectiveness of measures to improve the socio-political and socio-economic activity of citizens, protection of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.

FEC NEWS declared the Concept of further deepening the democratic reforms and establishment the civil society in the country, put forward by President Islam Karimov in 2010, as an important policy document, which determines the new direction of social and political progress of Uzbekistan in the medium and long term.

It emphasized that a number of legislative acts regulating issues of public authorities’ openness, social partnership and implementation of environmental control were adopted in the framework of the Concept. It reported that the innovations in the legislation significantly strengthened legal guarantees of people participation, local authorities, NGOs and other institutions in managing state affairs, as well as laid a solid foundation of a new stage in civil society development.

The Japanese edition gave positive assessment in its article to Uzbekistan’s experience on creation of favorable conditions for NGOs’ activities, strengthening their capacity for solving urgent problems of social, socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

“Special fund to support non-profit organizations was established under the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic”, the newspaper noted. “The idea of creating the structure deserves attention, since the main representative body is focused on the distribution of finance and has been composed of elected representatives of the people, who in turn guarantee the financial independence of public organizations”.

The Japanese edition also acquainted its readers with a unique self-governing institution, mahalla, which has deep historical roots and is based on the Uzbek people’s traditions and spiritual values.

“Today, there are about ten thousand of citizens’ assemblies in Uzbekistan, whose activities are constantly expanding, including in the areas of social support, the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, public control. Mahallas also take an active part in ensuring stability in the family, providing material assistance to those in need, increasing the efficiency of spiritual and educational work in the field”, FEC NEWS informed.

The newspaper has been published by FEC – International Friendship Exchange Council since 1983. Сirculation totals six thousand items. It is distributed among the members of parliament, the government, ministries and departments of large companies and diplomatic missions, accredited in Tokyo.