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January 9, 2017



Uzbekistan continues to work on establishing dialogue with the people, to protect human rights and freedoms. The virtual reception portals of bodies of state administration in the internet openly and publicly conduct their activities.

A virtual reception of the Ministry of Economy launched on its website, mineconomy.uz, has a number of facilities for the population.

The ministry is a body of public administration which develops and implements long-term advancement strategy of the country ensuring the implementation of well thought-out and balanced socio-economic policy.

Population applies to the Ministry with questions related to the activities of the banking, financial, tax and customs systems, complaints and statements of lending, allocation of housing and land, labor contracts, wages and pensions, proposals for further development of the economy.

Over 2016 the Ministry has received 928 complaints from the business entities and individuals, 392 of which – through the Single Portal of Online Public Services.

Opening a virtual reception on the ministry’s website has created an opportunity for citizens to apply directly to the Minister of Economy on various issues, problems, statements, complaints or suggestions, send their appeal quickly and get satisfied answers to their questions.

Form of appeals is clearly and vividly presented on the web-site. In order to get appeals examined in time and positively, it is necessary to present the essence of the issue briefly and clearly. On the site it can be followed the status of appeal (considered – in the process of consideration). The most important thing is that a digital signature is not required to apply to the reception.

Currently, a group on work with references functions at the central apparatus of the Ministry. Each appeal is discussed at meetings of the Ministry and solved in accordance with the law. Particular person works on each appeal.


The holding company “Uzbekozikovkatholding” also has opened a virtual reception.

People apply to the company with requests and complaints relating to food products sold on the relevant investment projects, creation of new small businesses, the establishment of export products, jobs with proposals for the further development of the food industry.

In order to create even more convenience and closely contact with the population the web site of the holding company has been redesigned, virtual reception of the holding company managers has been opened to receive appeals of individuals and legal entities.

Users of the website www.oziq-ovqat.uz, filling out a form, may submit their applications, complaints and suggestions to the board chairman. People also can use “helpline”, as well as email to apply. Each appeal is solved within the framework of legislation of our country.