Fergana to Host Final Leg of Universiade

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April 22, 2016

Fergana to Host Final Leg of Universiade


The final stage of this year’s Universiade is set to take place in Fergana, and this sporting event is of a great interest.

The twenty-nine facilities, where competitions will be held, are being prepared for the event. More specifically, a football stadium with a seating capacity of 3,200 people, an indoor swimming pool, three volleyball grounds, and running tracks have been created and entered into use at Fergana State University (FSU). Student homes and gyms are being renovated and furnished in line with modern standards.

Improvement and greening work is under way at the regional center, where flowers are being planted in parks and in alleys. Central streets are being renovated and roads with a length of nearly 5 km are being repaired.

“This year, our students are determined to win,” says Sh. Toshmatov, the FSU Rector. “All the necessary conditions have been created for athletes and coaches. For each of the 15 types of sport included in the Universiade program, relevant universities and sports federation have been designated. In addition, measures are being taken to ensure quality training sessions and competitions. Special attention goes to the creation of comfort and engaging recreation for the participants and provision of food.

Young people in Fergana are excited about the upcoming sporting events and are getting prepared. Students of five universities in the region have tested their skills and training level at selection competitions. A team has been put together which is now preparing for the final stage.