Festive Greeting to the Defenders of Homeland on the Occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of Establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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January 15, 2015

Festive Greeting to the Defenders of Homeland on the Occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of Establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals, veterans of the Armed Forces, esteemed compatriots!

It gives me an enormous pleasure to sincerely and cordially congratulate you on the landmark date in the life of our country – the Day of Defenders of Homeland and the 23rd anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Today we have all grounds to state that the path of building and forming the modern democratic Uzbekistan has always been inseparably linked with establishment of the Armed Forces of the country which obtained tenacity in the complex conditions of our surroundings and many times proved that they always remained and remain as a reliable guarantor of ensuring independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, peaceful and tranquil life of our Homeland. Not without reason it is said, and it is well-grounded, that the might and capabilities of each state are judged on their combat efficiency and combat readiness.

In the course of establishing the Armed Forces of the sovereign Uzbekistan we refused to directly copy the inherited and obsolete experience of military development. We have comprehensively took into account the concrete and real geostrategic and geopolitical conditions, the nature of modern wars and armed conflicts, and proceeded from the analysis of specifics of possible theater of war operations of the Central Asian region, as well as leaned upon our primordial national peculiarities and traditions.

The effective and consistent implementation of the stage-by-stage and interrelated program of reforms based on in-depth study and use of the advanced foreign experience of military development, organization of the service and combat activity of troops, and achievements of modern military art became mostly a decisive condition in the process of establishing our army.

In this context, our most important priority remains to deepen the interaction with defense agencies of foreign states. We have established and are expanding the mutually beneficial partnership relations, and implementing the annual plans of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation with many of them.

In accordance with the plans of development of the Armed Forces, we consistently carry out measures to modernize and reequip the troops with the newest armament and hardware, including the air defense systems and helicopters, armored weaponry, artillery systems, communication tools, personal and group protection equipment.

Certainly, it is of an urgent significance to carry on with the continuous work to improve the system of military cadres training at the Academy of Armed Forces, military colleges and sergeant schools based on the latest methodologies that ensure application of innovative forms and methods of teaching with the use of cutting-edge achievements in the area of advanced information and communication technologies.

In this regard, it is necessary to note that the in-depth study and adapting to our conditions the system of training and organizing the military service in the armies of the advanced foreign countries play a big positive role in raising the professional skills of the officer and sergeant personnel.

Thanks to the practical measures implemented in this sphere, the officer personnel is steadily raising its mental outlook and erudition, has high professional, spiritual and moral qualities, capable to think logically actively applying the unconventional approaches in resolving tasks they face. Without any exaggeration, the sergeants have truly become a reliable and irreplaceable helpers and buttress of officers, and caring leaders for our soldiers.

One of the main tasks of defense development remains to be further extension and improvement of the system of operation and combat training of command bodies and troops. The modern exercises are completely different from those that we held in the early years of our independence. From year to year the exercises, which are held in the conditions maximally approximated to the combat ones, allow us to undertake a critical analysis of the entire system of troops training, assess the capabilities of each battalion and platoon, as well as expediency and adequacy of the chosen ways of accomplishing combat tasks proceeding from the interchangeability of sub-units and mastering by the personnel of related professions.

It is mostly important to broadly apply the experience accumulated by us in the course of forming and reforming the national army in terms of organizing a comprehensive and purposeful work with all categories of servicemen and pre-conscription youth. The service in the army acquires a special meaning for our young generation and becomes ever more prestigious.

The military service becomes attractive not only due to the benefits and high level of social and material welfare rendered for the servicemen, but also, above all, thanks to the fact that the army has truly become a school of life for our youth which nurtures courage, firmness, high feeling of patriotism and selfless love to the Homeland.

We can proudly state that during the years of Independence the entire generation of young people grew and firmly stood on their feet in Uzbekistan, who went through a comprehensive training, obtained army tenacity and are ready to stand up anytime to defend the Motherland.

The implementation of state programs aimed at ensuring servicemen with housing, improving their social, living and service conditions maintains a special significance. Each serviceman, who devoted his life to this courageous profession, must be firmly confident that his problems won’t be left unaddressed and well-being of his family is reliably guaranteed.

2015 announced as the «Year of Attention and Care for the Elder Generation» requires of us to unconditionally implement the adopted governmental resolutions and state programs aimed at further reinforcing material and social support of participants of war and veterans of the Armed Forces, show them a comprehensive care and simple humane attention.

Today many of our respected veterans and teachers are continuing to actively participate in the development of state, sharing with their unique experience and conveying their knowledge to the new generation of defenders of Homeland.

We must always remember that the well-being of servicemen is the brightest indicator of the high authority of military service in our country.

Dear compatriots!

Assessing today’s unfolding situation in our near and far surroundings, one cannot but acknowledge the considerable expansion of the spectrum of threats to the international security and stability – the predominance of use of force in resolving emerging conflicts, intensification of geopolitical competition for the control over raw resources and communications, proliferation of nuclear technologies and weapon of mass destruction, stirring up of forces of international terrorism and «creeping expansion» of extremism, aggravation of inter-ethnic and inter-religious confrontation.

To our enormous regret, it should be acknowledged that ever growing threats, tension and confrontations in various regions of the world are not being peacefully settled, but on the contrary, continue to aggravate.

The drawdown of the ISAF peacekeeping troops from Afghanistan becomes a serious trial for all countries of the Central Asian region. As the experience of Iraq vividly testifies, any vacuum emerging in Afghanistan may be filled by various destructive and terrorist groups capable in a short period of time to disseminate their destructive influence to vast territories of the region.

The unconventional challenges are radically altering the picture of international conflicts. At present, the significant threat is posed by the information and psychological impact aimed at undermining the roots of our army, mainly, through the attempts to exert influence to its moral foundations, as well as usage of modern Internet technologies to imbibe the destructive ideas and notions to the minds of our youth which are absolutely run counter to our rich and creative culture, spiritual values and traditions.

It is for this very reason that in the conditions of complex and unpredictable situation in the region and the world as a whole, I deem it utterly important to preserve vigilance, not to give way to a feeling of self-complacency with what was achieved, but to continue the resolute efforts to further reform the Armed Forces, raise their readiness to suppress all attempts to provoke tension in our borders, timely and worthily repulse any aggressive acts aimed against the path of development chosen by us.

In this regard, it is necessary to once again underscore that the Republic of Uzbekistan was and remains committed to the principles of peace-loving policy. Our Military Doctrine has a defensive nature and reinforcement of the country’s Armed Forces is firstly aimed at protecting its state sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and tranquility of our people. Our Defense Doctrine doesn’t envisage participation of our army in the military actions and operations beyond the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Dear friends!

In this festive day I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on the 23rd anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and express the words of a sincere gratitude for a selfless service to all servicemen – the privates and sergeants, officers and generals, as well as the veterans of the Armed Forces, civil specialists, and all those who have devoted their fate to implementing a noble and responsible duty of defending Homeland!

I wish all of you a sound health, happiness and many successes in the New Year 2015!

Islam Karimov,

President of the Republic

of Uzbekistan, Supreme


of the Armed Forces