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April 18, 2017


c0e2bb8cff75b20f9b74f6fb4e3ffa93Our capital has hosted the conference “Collective labor contracts and agreements – one of the main factors of enhancing social protection and improving the living standards of workers” organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

At the event it was noted that through collective labor contracts and agreements, the issues of ensuring full employment of employees, creating new jobs, training, advanced training and upgrading the skills of the staff are addressed. There are introduced specific and detailed provisions related to the organization of labor remuneration for workers, the determination of the procedure for paying bonuses, surcharges and compensations.

The most significant feature of today is the establishment of wages by introducing industry or local tariff grids with increased tariff coefficients. Thanks to this, at present, the wages of 940,000 trade union members working in various sectors of the economy are calculated at higher tariff ratios.

Last year, through collective labor contracts and agreements, about 5,000 families were allocated the loans for the purchase of durable goods and housing. More than 81.4 thousand representatives of socially vulnerable families were provided with material assistance, for which more than 46 billion soums were given by trade unions and employers.

Along with this, over 60,000 children of workers from low-income families were provided with educational accessories for 3.5 billion soums. Material aid by 7.6 billion soums was given to 22,400 women with a child aged from two to three years. The working week for 10.2 thousand women with children, who are working in enterprises and organizations of the non-state sector, has been reduced by one hour, for which more 1.8 billion soums were spent. Also, at the expense of the enterprises and organizations, 70.7 thousand employees and their families are being rehabilitated.