Global Partnership supports education in Uzbekistan

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January 16, 2015

Global Partnership supports education in Uzbekistan


education_global_partnershiTo improve access to quality education and training on the basis of pre-school educational institutions, especially in rural areas, by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from December 30, 2014 it was noted that on June 28, 2014 the Board of Directors of the Global Partnership for Education approved the application for the provision of technical assistance grant to Uzbekistan on the amount of 49.9 million US dollars for the project “Improvement of pre-school and secondary education”.

Uzbekistan’s contribution in the project is the equivalent of 4.2 million US dollars in the form of covering the costs of delivery of goods (purchased at the expense of grant) from Tashkent to educational institutions provided by the project.

An additional contribution of the republic is equivalent to 16.7 million US dollars which is provided by the funds released as a result of providing benefits for goods and services purchased by the grant, in the form of their exemption from taxes and other obligatory payments.

Project implementation period – 5 years (2014-2018).

Executive body which is responsible for the proper and effective use of grant funds, as well as timely and quality implementation of the project, is the Ministry of Public Education.